Due diligence (M&A)

Auditing your IT infrastructure for a merger or acquisition


Identify the risks and opportunities of your next investment

Talsom conducts a comprehensive review of your IT ecosystem to precisely assess the risks and opportunities related to a merger or acquisition, enabling you to make informed decisions.

How can we help?

Prepare the transaction to minimize risks and ensure continuity

Beyond the analysis of risks and opportunities, Talsom guides you through a process that includes recommendations for mitigating the business under study and a concrete action plan to ensure a smooth transition and the sustainability of merged operations.

A framework based on industry best practices

We adopt a methodology based on three main phases and relying on COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) standards, exploring 13 axes of analysis and customizing each review according to your specific needs. This approach allows you to solidify your IT operations, increase stakeholder confidence, and achieve operational excellence through reliable and efficient processes.

Guiding principles that shape our actions

  • We focus on comprehending your business objectives and investment strategy, ensuring seamless alignment across all elements.
  • We deliver mitigation recommendations related to risks that could impact this investment, ensuring that you have the highest level of visibility possible on the decisions to be made.

Phase 1: Understand business strategies and investment objectives

  • Identification of key processes of the company under study related to your business strategies that require investment.

Phase 2: Evaluation of the IT ecosystem based on 13 axes of analysis

  • IT strategy, enterprise architecture and portfolio management, business IT, organization and leadership, solution architecture, application development and enterprise resource planning (ERP) management, service and product quality, business intelligence, IT infrastructure and operations, digital workplace, user support, cybersecurity, and responsible digital practices.

Phase 3: Identify opportunities and build recommendations to mitigate risks and highlight investment-related opportunities

  • Development of a clear and iterative action plan, encompassing ethical and sustainable considerations, aligning your operational objectives with your strategic investment goals and ESG principles.

Why choose Talsom?



Seasoned professionals in technology strategy to ensure the protection of your assets and optimize your IT investments.


Innovation culture

An innovative approach that ensures the constant relevance and resilience of your IT strategy.


Tailor-made solutions

Solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your organization and reality to ensure optimal management of your IT resources.


Customer-centric approach

Total commitment to your success with concrete recommendations for tangible short, medium, and long-term results.


Implementing recommendations

Specialized in digital transformation, we can also support you in implementing the solutions recommended following the due diligence review.

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