Positive impacts

Beyond business: putting people first

Creating a positive impact through humans, innovation, and technology

What is a positive impact?

Our definition

Building a future where every decision is guided by the quest for positive impact

Beyond profits, we continually seek to positively impact society and the environment in which we operate. We believe a positive impact is defined by a conscious and responsible approach to current and future challenges. More importantly, it’s about taking action today to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Committed and B Corp Certified

In 2019, Talsom became the first consulting firm to achieve B Corp certification. Renewed in 2022, this certification embodies our commitment to strong social and environmental impact, showcasing our dedication to being a responsible business model.

The essence of the Design Thinking JAM

DT Jam is our collaborative innovation lab, a pro bono initiative to assist NGOs in solving organizational challenges hindering their development through our design thinking approach.

The organization’s participation also allows it to shine in the business world and become familiar with design thinking, drawing lessons that can be applied in future projects.

Partners in social progress

Every edition of JAM provides us with a new opportunity to support a new cause, strengthening our commitment to various NGOs.

Over the years, the JAM has become a symbol of our active contribution to social innovation.

6 years of positive impacts

Each organization faces unique challenges. The development of solutions is always the result of numerous workshops centered around the needs and interests of users.
  • Modernization of payment methods
  • Enhancement of brand engagement
  • Combating systemic racism
  • Expansion and improvement of services
  • Environmental mobilization
  • Social innovation

Discover the story behind the birth of DT JAM

Tangible results

Every year, JAM day mobilizes hundreds of participants and generates thousands of ideas, resulting in the resolution of numerous challenges.


A diverse gathering fueled by the common passion for change.

Ideas generated

An explosion of innovation and creativity benefiting NGOs.

Prototypes developed

Tangible and concrete solutions ready for implementation for real impact.

Témoignages Jules Foisy Lapointe General Manager GoRecycle
Témoignages Chantale Gignac General Manager Maison des enfants le Dauphin de Laval
Témoignages Luc Desjardins General Manager Groupe communautaire l'Itinéraire

I am beyond grateful to Talsom for organizing this event and especially to the many people who took their time to participate in this day with so much enthusiasm and creativity. Thanks to the JAM, we have new ideas on hand to meet our challenges!

It is an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with Talsom, a company and a team that puts all its talent and expertise at the service of a cause to ultimately help us support more children in Laval.

We could have found the solution in three months and made a big announcement to impress the media. But would it have been adopted by our vendors? And what would have remained a year later? Olivier and I spent several hours getting to know each other. And even more co-creating with the vendors.

Get involved

The next DT JAM
awaits you

A highlight of the initiative is the JAM moment, a half-day of ideation workshops typically gathering over 200 people from various backgrounds and expertise. The goal: generate as many ideas as possible to contribute to the creative process and develop a solution addressing an issue faced by the NGO.

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