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Revitalize your business strategy by driving innovation to the core of your organization


Seize improvement opportunities

From uncovering new opportunities to crafting a cutting-edge business model, defining a vision, and aligning stakeholders, Talsom empowers you to innovate and modernize.

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Pave the way for continuous innovation

Employing design thinking practices and a business-centric approach, Talsom guides your design process, allowing you to define and align your vision for a business model redefinition.

Strategic alignment

Foster alignment among stakeholders towards a shared strategic vision. Whether contemplating a new service or product launch, transforming your plan, or reshaping strategic priorities, we collaborate to secure commitment to this vision for optimal project success.

Business model innovation

Explore innovative ideas to transform your business model and align products/services with evolving market expectations. Leveraging tools like the Business Model Canvas, our flexible approach delivers new solutions, cultivating innovation within your organization.

Strategic projection and design fiction

Anticipate the future to guide strategic decisions. Utilizing creative methods and business expertise, we decipher how changes impact your customers. Through Design Fiction, we create futuristic scenarios, shedding light on implementable strategies while providing direction.

Tool development

Collaboratively create tools tailored to your transformation goals. Addressing your unique business challenges, our team mobilizes to develop solutions, tools, and customized delivery models, perfectly suited to your specific needs and operational reality.

Unlock the Talsom advantage


User-centric approach

Leverage our design thinking expertise to immerse in your customers’ experience, precisely grasping their expectations, and delivering solutions that meet their needs.


Engaging co-creation

Our process catalyzes collective intelligence. Experienced facilitators ensure engagement from your teams and alignment with your vision.


Agile risk reduction

Our iterative approach guides you in designing solutions, swiftly eliminating dead ends, allowing a focus on the most promising ideas.


Business expertise and creativity

Drawing from extensive experience across business domains and a network of experts, we ensure proposed innovations are feasible, viable, and perfectly aligned with your company’s strategic goals.

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