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Talsom supports you in implementing more responsible business practices to strengthen your employer brand, facilitate talent attraction and retention, reduce costs, access capital or certifications, while ensuring compliance with the requirements of your stakeholders and legal obligations.

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Start your sustainable transformation

Faced with regulatory changes and increasing demands on your organization, Talsom guides you through addressing your ESG challenges, turning constraints into innovation, and risks into opportunities.

Is your company ready for rapidly growing levels of requirements and regulations?

In the face of intensifying requirements and increasingly strict regulations, adopting ESG principles in your business strategy and processes is inevitable. It is now essential for your company to align its actions with its commitments to meet emerging standards and the new expectations of your stakeholders.

Develop an ESG strategy that reflects your identity

We guide you through the challenges of sustainable transformation. Our holistic approach enables you to create an ESG strategy aligned with your values, facilitating the definition of your priorities, the integration of new practices, and supporting your teams through change.

Where to start for initiating sustainable transformation?

The adoption of ESG principles within an organization represents a cultural and strategic challenge. Many statistics reveal a divergence between the perception of the importance of ESG in boardrooms and that of management teams, highlighting the need for a defined strategy, a common language, and engagement at all levels of the organization.

Establishing the foundations of ESG transformation

We offer a portfolio of training content and awareness workshops designed to help you establish a common language and create a sense of shared engagement. We guide you in mapping your ESG challenges and assist you in establishing a customized roadmap tailored to your business reality.

Aspiring to adopt better ESG practices?

In an environment marked by increasing regulations and sensitivity to greenwashing, obtaining certifications such as B Corp, EcoVadis, or ISO 14000 becomes imperative for companies wanting to authenticate their sustainability commitments. This process, symbolizing more than mere compliance with environmental and social standards, requires rigorous preparation and appropriate governance.

Towards sustainable certification: strengthen your commitment with the highest standards

Doubly certified as B Corp and recognized by the Ecoleader fund, we offer you a rigorous analysis framework to establish effective governance, realistic goals, and an action plan that sets you on the path to certification. Our personalized approach aims to reinforce your commitment to the highest sustainability standards.

How to navigate the complexity of ESG regulations?

The pandemic has marked a turning point in the ESG regulatory arsenal worldwide, with laws such as S-211, Law 25, Law 29, and many others. Understanding and anticipating these regulations becomes crucial for your organization. In-depth knowledge is essential before being able to adapt and comply, avoiding legal risks, maintaining access to strategic markets and investors, and protecting your reputation.

Ensure your compliance now

Faced with these challenges, we help you better meet current and future regulatory requirements while transforming regulations into growth drivers and points of differentiation. Our approach allows you to understand and integrate ESG standards such as SASB, ISSB, TCFD, and CDP into your business strategy, reducing risks and enhancing your brand with all your stakeholders.

5 Levels of ESG maturity

Where is your organization on the maturity scale?



Limited ESG knowledge, nonexistent or scattered ESG activities and responsibilities.



ESG awareness emerges, existing initiatives are present but fragmented.



ESG factors are integrated into decision-making, roles are structured, risks and opportunities are identified.



ESG is an integral part of the corporate culture and strategic planning.



ESG becomes a competitive differentiator and a value perspective. The impact extends beyond the boundaries of the company.

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