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ESG issues at the heart of human, technological and sustainable growth

Committing to social and environmental responsibility (ESG) is more important than ever and companies play an essential role [...]

Employee journey

Trailblazing women: A conversation with Lucie Calisto

We had the privilege of sharing a moment filled with passion and inspiration with Lucie Calisto, Vice President and Client […]

Artificial Intelligence

Preparing Organizations in a Rapidly Transforming World

Talsom’s Approach to AI Integration In the ever-evolving landscape of profound transformation, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the […]


Project Leadership Harmonies: Orchestrating Collaboration and Cohesion Like a Symphony

Article written by Lorraine Deslauriers Executive Director, Project Leadership In the world of project leadership, where complexity and dynamics reign […]

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Tech Radar 7th Edition: Digital Transformation Guide

Discover the latest tech trends driving business resilience. Learn how leading organizations are leveraging AI and other technologies to stay […]

Technology Strategy and Innovation

5 Myths and Realities of the Data-Driven Enterprise

Article written by Martin Bourgeois Director, Tech Strategy In today’s world, being “data-driven” implies that an organization’s strategic decisions, business […]


The Art of Effective Communication in Projects

Article written by Lorraine Deslauriers Executive Director, Project Leadership It is said that communication is the cornerstone of success in […]


The Next Major Trends in Change Management

Article written by Valérie-Kim Besner Executive Director – Client Partner On November 15th, I had the opportunity to speak at […]


Five Things You Need to Know About AI and ChatGPT

This article was written based on a discussion between Liv (our digital colleague) and OpenAI. ChatGPT has been dominating the […]

Artificial Intelligence

Talsom Perspective: How Can AI Be Useful to Your Business?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly the public launch of ChatGPT, has rekindled the debate over the use of […]