Inventory management

Effectively plan your material resources


Optimize inventory management

Talsom assists you in managing your inventory levels to minimize storage costs and reduce the risk of stockouts, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring product availability.

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Enhance sales forecasting and operations planning

From defining planning processes to developing tailored tools and optimizing existing solutions, Talsom supports you in streamlining stock management to avoid excesses or shortages.

In-depth stock and warehouse analysis

Conduct a thorough analysis of internal data and evaluate your current situation, including stocks and warehouses. Workshops help us better understand your operational, technological, and sector context, proposing inventory solutions that meet all your needs, enhancing your performance and operational efficiency.

  • Developing customer service policies
  • Adapting stock management parameters and processes to achieve the desired level of customer service
  • Integration of network optimization strategies

Integration of network optimization strategies

Utilize historical data to analyze demand and supplies, identifying trends, patterns, and specificities unique to your business and industry. By adjusting inventory and supply parameters based on product classes and families, we establish an ABC classification scenario aiming to refine and efficiently manage your stocks.

Sales forecasting

Identify sales forecasting needs through data analysis and collaboration with your team. Leveraging ABC classification, forecasting and replenishment tools are adapted to meet the requirements of different product families, especially for managing seasonality, capacity, life cycle, ensuring optimal stock management, and precise sales planning.

We proceed with the programming and implementation of dashboards, allowing you to track and evaluate the effectiveness of forecasting and stock management processes based on reliable and updated data.

Sales & operations planning (S&OP)

Analyze, develop, and implement customized S&OP review processes, ensuring that your sales and operations planning is both accurate and tailored to your business reality. In addition to focusing on identifying possible improvements in terms of processes and technological tools, you benefit from support to maximize the adoption of practices and promote the achievement of your strategic objectives.

Unlocking the Talsom advantage


Cross-disciplinary expertise

With diversified expertise in various industries, we deeply understand the challenges and issues your business faces.


Innovation as a driver

Our commitment to innovation leads you to integrate the best practices and latest technologies, relying on avant-garde solutions that meet your current and future needs.


Results-oriented approach

Focused on results, we aim to provide you with tangible and customized solutions, truly optimizing your processes and improving the responsiveness of your supply chain to market fluctuations.

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