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Strengthen your logistics chain to increase competitiveness

Talsom guides you in optimizing your operations, improving the fluidity and responsiveness of your logistics chain, while ensuring more efficient and customer-centric transportation services.

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Navigate the future of logistics with increased agility and innovation

Talsom offers a comprehensive range of support services in strategic, tactical, and operational areas to redefine your logistics network. We assess the best transport methods, manage tenders, and diagnose your delivery model.

Optimization of your network

Conduct an in-depth analysis of your internal data, integrating your vision and considering external factors such as the latest market trends. Simulations are also performed to assess the resilience of your network, allowing you to better predict and prepare for unforeseen situations.

Thorough evaluation of IT needs

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your specific information technology needs dedicated to logistics. Identify potential technological solutions, such as Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Develop a comprehensive specification document, ensuring the chosen solution aligns perfectly with your objectives and operational processes. Provide support in the implementation of the solution, ensuring adequate training.

Examination of transport history

Establish a reference for evaluating potential savings by reviewing your transport history. Through scenario evaluation, determine the optimal mix of carriers, balancing cost reduction with maintaining an optimal service level. Analytical skills and customized dashboards provide the necessary information to guide your decisions.

Diagnosis, planning, and evaluation

Improve your logistics operations and identify opportunities by diagnosing, planning, and evaluating your network. Review your structure and resources aligned with your goals to ensure each element contributes effectively to your growth ambitions and long-term vision.

The analysis also includes a detailed audit of transport costs, identifying significant savings levers, and optimizing your carrier fleet and distribution channels

Maintenance and fleet management

Ensure that your fleet management equipment is state-of-the-art. Provide customized solutions for preventive maintenance and reducing downtime of your vehicles.

Unlocking the Talsom advantage


Innovative agility

Our agile and innovative approach goes beyond conventions, enabling you to respond quickly to market changes with solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Immersive technology

Our expertise in information technology surpasses standards, with total immersion in digital solutions to lead you toward transparent and efficient logistics management.


Responsible solutions

Committed to sustainability, our recommendations integrate eco-friendly practices, allowing you to reduce the environmental footprint of your logistics chain.


Human strategy

Beyond numbers, we emphasize you. Our strategic solutions are designed to strengthen your team and enhance internal collaboration.

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