Social Innovation

Continuous commitment towards a positive future


Forging a positive societal impact

Talsom helps organizations solve social, economic, and environmental problems through innovative solutions that foster the creation of significant and sustainable impacts

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Social innovation at the heart of our mission

We are committed to tackling the complex challenges of our time while seeking creative ways to generate positive impact.

Collaboration as a lever for sustainable social transformation

We value and believe in the power of collaboration as a lever for sustainable social transformation, and it is this conviction that guides our approach towards a future where social innovation is an essential driver of progress.

Why choose Talsom?

  • 6 NPOs supported in resolving an organizational challenge with DT JAM
  • Empathy is more than ever at the heart of our approach, giving significant importance to listening and understanding
  • Collaboration with industry experts
  • Private company status which allows organizations to benefit from a wide range of expertise and a large network of contacts
  • Profound understanding of the realities and challenges faced by non-profit organizations

A creative and iterative approach based on design thinking



Understand with empathy and depth the context, challenges of the organization, and the individuals involved.



Define goals with the involved and impacted actors, based on needs and ambitions.



Build ideation sessions and workshops with the concerned stakeholders and specialized experts as needed.



Prototype solutions and adapt them based on feedback.



Test the prototypes to validate their effectiveness and their alignment with identified needs and established goals.

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