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Talsom provides tailored AI solutions, allowing you to automate your processes and develop your own generative AI tools, all while ensuring compliance and data governance.

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AI is now inevitable. Preparation for its implementation is crucial to harness its full potential, maximize its benefits, and mitigate associated risks. In the face of this technological revolution, Talsom guides you throughout your AI journey, facilitating its integration and ensuring adoption within your organization.

Structuring data effectively to exploit the full potential of AI

Data quality is fundamental to the success of all AI models and projects. Indeed, poor data management is responsible for over half of AI initiative failures, underscoring the essential role of effective governance and the use of reliable data.

Data governance and artificial intelligence

We guide you in crafting a thorough data strategy and establishing governance, enabling you to align your AI projects with your business goals, teams, and processes. With quality and well-structured data, we can co-develop reliable AI models, transforming your raw data into actionable strategic insights.

  • Implementing an effective governance model
  • Developing a robust data strategy
  • Data valorization

Boosting productivity and performance with AI

In an increasingly competitive world, adopting new operational strategies through the integration of artificial intelligence is essential for standing out. With 90% of AI users reporting a significant improvement in the quality of their work, optimizing your current processes can free up your teams to focus more on creative initiatives with high added value for your business.

Automation and process optimization

We assist you in leveraging AI to automate your business processes, eliminating repetitive tasks and enhancing your operational efficiency. This approach also enables you to unleash the full potential and creativity of your talents, directing them towards activities that foster growth and innovation.

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Intelligent Automation

Integrating and adopting AI safely

Despite numerous benefits, the rapid proliferation of AI raises many ethical and legal considerations. With one-third of professionals using AI on a daily basis, it is imperative for your organization to identify and mitigate risks associated with the use of public AI tools to protect your data and preserve your security.

Custom AI tool development (Internal GPT)

We assist you in creating your own internal GPT, which you exclusively own and have full control over. This tool enables you to leverage all the advancements of generative AI while ensuring you operate in a fully secure, confidential environment tailored to your needs.

Successfully launch your AI journey

We go beyond simply introducing technology; we accompany you from strategic thinking to the realization of your ambitions. We help you implement AI by establishing a solid foundation and an iterative cycle of innovation.


Definition of strategy

Development of an AI strategy aligned with your ambitions and business goals, involving your stakeholders in identifying and exploring areas of potential and use cases where AI can create the most value for your organization.


Needs analysis

Inventory and prioritization of your needs, taking into account your challenges, strengths, and industry-specific opportunities.


Tech selection

Evaluation of appropriate technologies in line with the strategy and predefined needs, establishment of an architecture plan, and identification of necessary skills within your teams.


Roadmap development

Creation of a detailed roadmap outlining the necessary steps for successful AI implementation, including a delivery plan, feasibility analysis, potential ROI assessment, and a communication and change management strategy.



Deployment of responsible and ethical AI, ensuring data security and fostering an adoption culture of new technology, raising team awareness about the benefits of AI and innovative mindset.

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