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Enhance efficiency while cutting operational costs

Merging strategic insight with cutting-edge technology, Talsom propels you to operational excellence. We fortify your supply chain processes, fostering agility and boosting efficiency.

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Optimize your supply chain management

From selecting and managing suppliers to strategically optimizing purchases, and refining Procure to Pay (P2P) and Source to Pay (S2P) processes, Talsom guides you in optimizing your supply chain processes through best practices.

Strategic procurement and contract management

Expense analysis

  • Delve into a comprehensive study of both direct and indirect expenses. Develop category management and cost reduction strategies tailored to your industry, including the streamlining and assessment of your suppliers.

Personalized support

  • Provide comprehensive support to your procurement teams, guiding them from managing requests for proposals to agreement signing at every step.

Process, policies, and procedures optimization

Process mapping and improvement

  • Analyze and optimize your purchasing processes according to best practices to enhance overall performance.

Customization of purchasing policies

  • Craft and articulate your purchasing policies to ensure clarity in roles and establish necessary rules for the seamless operation of your procurement department.

Complete RACI charts

  • Create comprehensive RACI charts to precisely define roles and responsibilities within your teams, reinforcing governance and organizational efficiency.

Tailored strategy

Conduct a detailed analysis of your needs to formulate a personalized strategy, guiding you in selecting and adopting a fitting technological solution.

Project management

Take charge of your implementation and technological configuration projects with complete post-implementation support.

Advanced expertise

Master Source-to-Pay (S2P), Source-to-Contact (S2C), and Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solutions, ensuring optimal solutions for your organization.

Organizational transformation

Deliver customized training for your procurement teams to enhance skills and promote operational excellence.

Skills and structure optimization

Strengthen your organization’s ability to generate value by optimizing skills and organizational structure.

In-depth evaluation

Analyze both tactical and strategic facets of your procurement processes, pinpointing areas for improvement and formulating a performance plan to boost departmental efficiency.

Dashboards and performance Indicators

Assist in developing dashboards and performance indicators, allowing precise measurement of the impact of changes.

Unlocking the Talsom advantage


Comprehensive support

Talsom offers 360-degree support throughout the procurement process, from managing requests for proposals to agreement signing. Our approach is meticulously designed to meet your specific needs and align with the reality of your business.


Excellence in organizational transformation

Talsom commits to transforming your organization by optimizing skills and structure. Leveraging multidisciplinary expertise, we help you deploy a personalized strategy to amplify the value your organization generates while guiding you toward operational excellence.


Social and environmental responsibility

Talsom places social and environmental responsibility at the core of your procurement strategy. By integrating sustainable practices into our recommendations and processes, we help you build a more responsible supply chain.

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