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The ability to innovate
« At Talsom, you quickly jump in at the deep end and that’s what I like about it — the agility to run on innovation, the desire to change things, to improve in order to constantly challenge the status quo. »
Believing in our employees
« When you work at Talsom, you feel like your opinion matters. . You’re regularly involved in the decision-making process – and that fosters engagement, creativity and inspiration. »
Music brings people together
« Many of the conversations I’ve had with people at Talsom have been about music. »
The iceberg concept of culture – expressing the gap between upper management’s understanding and the actual reality for teams on the ground - is nothing new, but we at Talsom aim to confront that gap head-on, working to bring our internal dynamics to a completely different level.
We don’t believe in following leaders with blind spots. Here, you’ll find that strong, well-articulated vision, clear strategy, understandable objectives and common values are firmly embedded into our traditions, beliefs and passions. To accomplish this, we encourage our team members to regularly check in with colleagues, both to act as sounding boards for one another but also to keep their needs in mind and act appropriately. At Talsom, this is the best way of ensuring that our words truly reflect our actions, and that everyone feels comfortable in their work environment. Our DNA is all about affirming our engagement to each other in order to inspire, empower and recognize our team members.

Our promise to our team

Talsom’s primary commitment is to inspire its employees. A world-class team is created and nurtured by proactive outreach and by being attentive to to their needs and goals. Each one of us finds our inspiration through different means.. Therefore, Talsom’s core mission is to help people follow their own path and inspire them to grow through increasingly rewarding challenges. We’ve found that this unwavering commitment to our employees results in team members who feel happier, believe more strongly in their own ability to succeed, and have a firmer grasp of how their efforts contribute to the success of the company - and beyond.
At Talsom, each team member can assume a leadership role and becomes a key player in driving the company toward future success. We inspire one another to be proactive and explore different paths to making each project a success. Talsom is committed to driving its employees to face and overcome ever-greater challenges, both personally and professionally. As we ourselves are a fusion of complementary talents, Talsom becomes a reflection of its people - all within a healthy, employee-positive environment which fosters constant growth and evolution.
Our culture at Talsom is one of our key strengths. By committing to a standard of openness and focusing on shared values, we run on innovation and pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. Remaining keenly aware of the pressures common within our industry, we make sure that achievements are always recognized - in fact, a central pillar at Talsom is the appreciation of endeavors that contribute to the success of the team and of the company as whole. Everyone’s efforts are celebrated and feedback is tailored to each and every team member.

Life at Talsom

During this BCorp Month, we went to see our talent's perceptions and inspirations. Our graphic designer, Laurence, tells us why she votes B Corp and how she encourages her community to vote B Corp.

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