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Maximize well-being, support efficiency, and foster innovation


Transform your organization and propel your teams to new heights

Talsom reveals the full potential of your talents and guides you through the transformation of your business model by shaping a culture that promotes well-being, engagement, and innovation.

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Concrete solutions to your organizational challenges

Faced with an environment marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, Talsom guides you through current and emerging challenges so that your organization can better anticipate, innovate, and thrive.

Do your leaders possess all the necessary skills to navigate through a transformation?

Current challenges demand leaders who are not only competent but also capable of navigating change with agility in real-time. A lack of leadership exposes your company to a decrease in team motivation, a reduction in innovation capacity, and a loss of competitiveness, directly impacting organizational performance.

Grow the quality and level of leadership within your organization

We enhance your leaders’ skills by developing their ability to navigate change effectively. By reinforcing a culture that actively values the development of the desired leadership type within your organization, we prepare your managers to successfully lead within their ecosystem, ensuring the longevity of your company.

Are your teams not performing as well as you would like?

Team underperformance or inefficiency can often indicate a misalignment between the organization’s goals and its working methods, potentially affecting productivity and your company’s results.

Optimize your teams’ productivity

We guide your teams in reviewing their working methods to increase efficiency, encourage more collaboration, and maximize performance.

Does your organization have the maturity to undertake significant changes?

Insufficient organizational maturity can seriously affect your company’s ability to implement the necessary changes for its development. Moreover, a deficient employee experience can lead to a lack of engagement and harm the organization’s adaptability as a whole.

Strengthen your organizational maturity and capacity

We guide you in optimizing your organizational structure, facilitating the integration of new practices, and improving the employee experience to boost engagement, promote well-being, and maximize the adoption of changes.

Do you have the ability to innovate and anticipate the future of your company?

The inability to innovate and anticipate future trends risks significantly reducing your market share and placing your company on the path to obsolescence. In a world of constant change, adopting a predictive and proactive stance toward change is crucial for maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Prepare your business for tomorrow, today

We accompany your company in designing and deploying an innovative organizational model and a long-term vision. We mobilize your leaders to forge together the organization of tomorrow, adapt your business model to integrate new market realities, and support you in evolving your organizational culture.

An approach that places humans at the heart of every intervention

With the integration of our change management expertise, our approach ensures a real transformation aligned with your values and objectives, in synergy with your ability to navigate change.


Alignment with the organization’s vision

Understand the organization’s vision and how the requested OD intervention aligns with it


Analysis of the current situation

Dig into the real issues and needs through a structured diagnosis


Establishment of the target

Confirm or determine the destination, what we want to achieve based on the information gathered during the analysis


Identification of intervention axes

Target intervention areas related to identified challenges or gaps to bridge towards the desired future


Definition of a plan and action

Plan and prioritize activities required to facilitate action and identify KPIs while considering the organizational capacity for change

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