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Talsom helps you embed sustainability at the core of your digital transformation, combining sharp expertise with an awareness of the ecological impact of your technological choices, guiding you towards achieving your eco-friendly objectives.

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Be a pioneer in responsible digital change

The environmental impact of the digital sector, often unknown and minimized, increases every year and significantly contributes to environmental and social issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions and various forms of pollution. By acting on these levers, your company can have a significant impact on its own emissions and those of others.

Do you know the real impact of your current digital practices?

The main challenge lies in understanding the digital, often perceived as complex, where all kinds of ideas about cloud computing prevail and the illusion of an unlimited resource. This misunderstanding can create a gap between your current digital practices and your sustainability goals, harming the reputation and efficiency of your organization.

Better understand to act better

We offer training and workshops designed to dispel certain perceptual biases to establish a common foundation of understanding and dialogue, allowing you to realign your digital initiatives with your objectives and take effective action.

Does your company measure the impact of its digital activities on the environment?

Knowing that 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from companies, it is essential to recognize the significant role of each organization in the digital ecosystem. Without an understanding of the environmental impacts of your digital activities, your company contributes to current and growing ecological challenges.

Measure your digital maturity to align your practices

Through structured interviews and a specially developed model, we work with you to assess your digital practices. Our approach allows you to identify areas for improvement and evaluate your level of maturity for a more responsible digital transformation.

How to engage in a more sustainable digital transformation?

Faced with the environmental challenges of digital transformation, determining where to focus your efforts and choosing actions to prioritize is essential but can be complex.

Create your path to digital responsibility

Through Design Thinking workshops, we collaborate with you to co-create a path to digital responsibility. A methodology guided by best practices that helps you shape a sustainable vision of IT through the development of a roadmap that takes into account your organizational reality.

Do you want to measure and reduce your digital footprint?

Knowing where you stand today is the first step towards a sustainable digital transformation. By measuring your digital footprint accurately, you will be equipped with the necessary data to set appropriate goals, prioritize the right actions, and measure your progress over time.

Quantify your footprint with a digital assessment

In partnership with Fruggr, we can provide you with a quantitative assessment of your digital footprint on 12 indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, energy efficiency, etc. This way, you have the information needed to develop performance indicators and accelerate your journey towards a reduced digital footprint.

5 Levels of digital responsibility maturity

Where is your organization on the maturity scale?



Limited or no awareness of impacts, knowledge, or risk assessment. Few or no actions in place.



Some projects envisaged or started, but they are sporadic and not linked to the company’s strategy. Some standards and/or guidelines may be documented, but partially and without a high level of commitment.



Policies and programs are established throughout the company, but not necessarily measured. Good practices are implemented, supported by recognized principles. One or more roles are officially in charge of advancing projects with a follow-up plan.



Considerations for digital responsibility are firmly embedded in the organization, included in the company’s strategy, supported by a methodology, success measures, and a control plan. Documentation and training are abundant and structured, and a continuous improvement plan is in place to evolve the practice.



The practice is at a very high level of maturity and becomes a differentiator in the industry and is recognized as a significant strategic asset. It is at the center of the company’s values, influencing other practices in the development of a sustainable practice over time.

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