The sum of talents.


    We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team from diverse backgrounds united by our desire to create a positive impact through people, innovation and technology.

    It’s essential to continuously get the team’s feedback, and to consider and address their needs. Therein lies the strength of our dedication to inspire, drive and recognize the entirety of our team.

  • Michèle Abou Hable

    Michèle Abou Hable

  • Frohar Agier

  • Amandine Armita

  • Pascale Attendu

  • Charlotte Bennier

  • Clotilde Bérubé

  • Martin Bourassa

    Martin Bourassa

  • Ilias Bouznari

    Ilias Bouznari

  • Charlotte Cagnet

    Charlotte Cagnet

  • Luciana Calisto

  • Ysa Cao

  • Étienne Caya

    • Marie-Pier Chicoine

      Marie-Pier Chicoine

    • Pierre Corbeil

      Pierre Corbeil

    • Bryan Corbion

    • Abel Corona

      Abel Corona

  • Josiane Côté-Paquet

  • Maude Couture

    Maude Couture

  • Youri Dominique

    Youri Dominique

  • Valérie Dorval

  • Éric Dupont

    Éric Dupont

  • Audrey Duval

  • Emmanuelle Fortier

    Emmanuelle Fortier

  • Raphaël Fortier Métivier

  • The "we" always prevails

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  • Cloé Furlan

  • Arthus Guyard

    Arthus Guyard

  • Audrey Hamel

  • Anita Hoakin Montassier

    Anita Hoakin Montassier

  • Maude-Hélène Joyal

  • Danys Jutras

    Dany Jutras

  • David Laborieux

  • Julie Lachaine

    • Camille Lajeunesse-Tougas

      Camille Lajeunesse-Tougas

    • Bruno Lambert

    • Pierre-Claude Laplante

      Pierre-Claude Laplante

    • Chantal Lapointe

  • Olivier Laquinte

  • Philippe Lépine-Thériault

  • Frédérique Marcouiller Doucet

  • Victor Marsaux

  • Laurence Duguay

    Laurence Massé-Croteau

  • Cyrille Ménard

  • David Moore

    David Moore

  • Maxine Nadeau

    • Stephanie Nicholls-Dempsey

      Stephanie Nicholls-Dempsey

    • Claude Noiseux

      Claude Noiseux

    • Jean-Paul Nyilinkwaya

      Jean-Paul Nyilinkwaya

    • Tristan Oertli

  • Franck Paulet

    Franck Paulet

  • Éric Paulin

    Éric Paulin

  • Stéphane Ricoul

    Stéphane Ricoul

  • Philippe Romano

    Philippe Romano

  • Isabelle Tremblay

  • Jonathan Tremblay

    Jonathan Tremblay

  • Anthi Tsonis

    Anthi Tsonis

  • Patrick Vigneault

    Patrick Vigneault

  • The "we" always prevails

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  • talsom-Marianne-Letourneau

    Marianne Létourneau

  • talsom-Adil-Masouri

    Adil Mansouri

  • talsom-Marie-Eve-Chartrand

    Marie-Eve Chartrand

  • talsom-Barnard-Rubinstein

    Bar Rubinstein

  • talsom-Isabelle-Wanani

    Isabelle Wanani

  • talsom-Alexandre-Dugal

    Alexandre Dugal

  • talsom-solene

    Solene Yzabel

  • Mathieu Langelier

    • talsom-marc

      Marc Boivin