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Ensure the successful deployment and success of your projects

Talsom enhances your project management capabilities, providing support in the preparation, framing, start-up, and execution phases. Our approach aims to strengthen your organization’s ability to complete complex projects, ensuring the success of your initiatives.

How can we help?

Overcome the challenges of a digital transformation project

Faced with the scale and complexity of the initiatives to be undertaken, Talsom is a strategic partner offering comprehensive support for the realization of your projects, transforming your ambitions into tangible results.

Do your current technological tools still meet your business needs?

In an environment where technology evolves at a rapid pace, relying on obsolete tools exposes your company to significant risks, compromising productivity, organizational stability, and team collaboration.

Propel your growth with cutting-edge technological tools

We are the ideal partner to guide you through the implementation of a new technological solution. By aligning each step of the process with your business objectives, we facilitate a smooth transition that considers your constraints, ensuring a return on investment and the satisfaction of your teams, clients, or collaborators.

Is it time to update your IT ecosystem?

Ignoring technological evolution can turn your infrastructure into a major obstacle to innovation. By remaining passive, you expose yourself to risks and a loss of efficiency, compromising your ability to innovate and seize growth opportunities.

Modernize your infrastructure now

Through detailed analysis and a customized modernization strategy, we enable you to adopt a modern IT orientation that not only meets current requirements but also prepares your company for future challenges, ensuring sustainability and agility.

Are you considering creating a project management office?

An undeveloped PMO can seriously limit your ability to deploy strategic initiatives, leading to delays, budget overruns, inappropriate choices, and project failure.

Optimize your project management

We structure your PMO to become a lever for strategic performance, ensuring consistent management and visibility across all your projects while respecting your organization’s maturity level. We help you make informed decisions so you can execute your projects with excellence.

Do execution delays hinder your organization’s agility?

Slow and rigid processes can impair your ability to respond to changes, reducing competitiveness and efficiency in seizing opportunities. The lack of speed and agility exposes you to significant delays and also affects the achievement of expected project results.

Accelerate your project realization with more flexibility and efficiency

We help you implement agile and flexible practices that accelerate the pace of your projects without sacrificing quality. Our approach allows you to reduce timelines, optimize resources, establish sound governance, while maximizing the value and efficiency of each project.

How to efficiently recover a struggling project?

A project deviating from its trajectory can quickly generate unforeseen costs and impact team morale and confidence, jeopardizing adherence to deadlines and anticipated return on investment. Without intervention, delays and budget overruns become inevitable.

Successfully navigate your most complex projects

We offer expertise to diagnose and rectify projects facing numerous challenges. We help you identify current gaps and deviations to realign the project with objectives and implement a structured recovery plan.

An approach for simple and effective management of your transformation projects



  • Identify and analyze stakeholders
  • Define the project framework, objectives, and clarify available resources
  • Establish roles, tools, and project management structure
  • Identify success criteria
  • Evaluate the current project management maturity


  • Analyze risks
  • Create the project plan and schedule
  • Assign resources according to required efforts and teams
  • Define the change management process
  • Establish the project communication plan, including status and dashboard


  • Launch and coordinate activities included in the project plan
  • Produce status reports and risk and challenge mitigation plans
  • Evaluate for variances and take action
  • Activate the communication plan – status and dashboard (project team and steering committee)
  • Assist stakeholders


  • Measure project results compared to expected results
  • Document gaps and lessons learned
  • Communicate lessons learned to participants and other project teams
  • Handover all documentation
  • Follow up after project implementation to ensure a smooth transition until you are fully autonomous for the future
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