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Enhance your customer experience to stand out


Shape a distinctive experience

Drawing inspiration from a design thinking approach centered on humans, Talsom assists you in developing innovative products and services that elevate your customer experience and accentuate your differentiation.

How can we help?

Surpass user expectations with unforgettable experiences

Confronted with the complexity of developing a new solution and an ever-evolving ecosystem, Talsom guides you in creating products, services, and experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers, employees, and partners.

Optimize internal collaboration

We act as a catalyst to foster collaboration between departments, break internal silos within your organization, and identify organizational misalignments. This approach allows you to optimize your operations and ensure coherence, promoting better collaboration among your various teams.

This active involvement contributes to :

  • improving your overall organizational synergy
  • ensuring that service design and optimization can better meet the needs of your users

Enhance customer experience

Service design is a powerful lever to optimize interactions with your customers. By truly understanding their needs and preferences, we assist you in creating personalized and tailored solutions, reinforcing satisfaction and loyalty.

This approach contributes to a positive experience and enables the integration of human, digital, and physical interactions to create a differentiated experience for your customers or citizens.

Elevate community engagement

Service design can also be applied to strengthen engagement with the community and contribute to the improvement of public services. By identifying the specific needs of citizens and designing tailored solutions, we foster a deeper connection, contributing to a more flourishing and engaged community.

The 4 steps of our approach

We value every perspective and idea, cultivating an environment that fuels innovation.


Understanding and definition

Participate in every stage of the design process. Together, we shape a vision aligned with your goals, exploring user understanding, creating personas, and identifying areas for improvement.



Concretely visualize each service stage through co-creation workshops aimed at finding innovative solutions to address identified needs and pain points. Each element is carefully crafted for an exceptional experience. Iterative evaluations ensure constant alignment, ensuring quality, relevance, and the selection of the most promising ideas.


Prototyping and evaluation

Implement the validated design with a smooth transition from idea to action. Every detail is considered to ensure seamless execution aligned with your specific needs.


Implementation and deployment

Receive a tailored service with ongoing commitment. We formalize our commitment through tangible deliverables, ensuring continuous satisfaction. If necessary, a transition to other practices can be considered later.

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