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Optimize your operations and achieve your goals by using the right solutions


Accelerate your digital transformation with the right choice of technological tools

Talsom guides you from A to Z in selecting a new ERP, CRM, HRIS, or other technological solution. Our rigorous and personalized approach ensures a choice aligned with your long-term vision and business objectives.

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Master technological challenges and anticipate future needs

Faced with the complex array of software choices, Talsom guides your decision with industry expertise, considering your business reality and industry. We help you select a solution tailored to your current needs and future ambitions, reducing risk and fostering successful technological transformation.

Is your current software hindering your growth?

An outdated system can impede your development, affecting efficiency, security, and competitiveness, limiting responsiveness, and increasing risks.

Eliminate technological barriers restricting your growth

We guide you to the right choice of a scalable solution that meets the requirements of your future growth, ensuring better performance and increased satisfaction for your customers, employees, and business partners. We offer a thoughtful and proven methodology that minimizes risks, allowing you to make the most suitable technological choice.

Are you slowed down by outdated software?

The obsolescence of your current software can undoubtedly slow down your operations, limit efficiency, and quality of processes, exposing your organization to increasing security and compliance risks.

Modernize your tools to continue excelling

We guide you towards cutting-edge technologies with a methodology tailored to your needs, structuring your choice and enlightening your decision-making, allowing you to increase performance and stand out from your competitors.

Do you lack technological tools to stay efficient and productive?

The absence of suitable technological tools can severely hinder the productivity and efficiency of your teams, limiting your ability to innovate and meet market requirements.

Increase your performance with the right tools

We help you identify and integrate software solutions that transform your operations and automate your processes. Our personalized approach ensures that each chosen tool propels your productivity, strengthens your competitiveness, and supports your long-term vision.

How to ensure choosing the right software?

The decision to adopt new software is both crucial and complex. Without clear direction and precise criteria, an uninformed decision can lead to excessive costs, cumbersome integration, and a tool that does not meet your needs, significantly hindering your evolution.

Maximize the ROI of your tech investments

Text: We structure your software selection journey with impartial and 360 expertise, ensuring you choose the tool most aligned with your current and future needs while minimizing the risks of setbacks.

An agnostic and personalized methodology for optimal adoption


Confirmation of goals and guiding principles

Confirm the strategic objectives of the company and the guiding principles of the selection.


Definition and prioritization of needs

Clearly establish your needs that support the required capabilities and align the framework of the future solution with your business objectives.


Research and identification of solutions

Use standardized criteria to compare options in terms of capabilities and costs, preselecting a number of providers through market surveillance of available tools.


Validation through demonstration

Analyze the most promising solutions through scripted demonstrations.


Software selection

Develop and present the final recommendation for you to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

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