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Leveraging our expertise in transformation challenges and with the support of our educational partner, Technologia, Talsom guides you in the sustainable development of your business with a suite of ESG training sessions.

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Understand, measure, and act

In the face of climate urgency and escalating media exposure, the challenge for your organization is to navigate through all ESG issues. That’s why Talsom offers ESG training modules to help you establish an action plan tailored to your reality.

Sustainable development training

Do you truly understand what a greenhouse gas is? Where do they come from, and how can they be limited? Do you know your levers of action as a citizen and employee? Sustainable development encompasses much more than environmental considerations and is equally crucial.

This training aims to demystify various fundamental aspects of sustainable development and provide you with the necessary understanding to initiate a deeper reflection on these challenges.

  • Target audience: For individuals who want to raise awareness within their organization about ESG issues and initiate a broader dialogue
  • Duration: One hour
  • Modes: On-site or online
  • Number of participants: No limit
  • Prerequisites: None

Training to design an ESG action plan

Have you clearly identified the steps of your sustainable transformation strategy? Do you know the tools and platforms at your disposal? Are you aware of the most common pitfalls to avoid? Do you know how to establish your goals?

With numerous individual and group exercises, this interactive training provides you with a wide range of tools, best practices, and concrete examples to build a realistic and engaging action plan.

  • Target audience: For individuals aiming to build and implement an ESG action plan within their organization
  • Duration: The training is completed in 12 hours over a period of 2 weeks
  • Modes: On-site or online, in 3-hour blocks
  • Number of participants: Maximum of 12 participants
  • Prerequisites: We recommend completing the “Introduction to Sustainable Development” training beforehand

Do you have specific ESG needs?

Recognizing that each company has unique requirements and needs, we also offer custom research capabilities, personalized training, and tailored mentoring designed to meet your specific needs and align with your priorities.

Convinced that the ESG discourse is crucial for the success of a business, we are dedicated to creating customized content tailored to your business reality and industry to encourage actionable steps.

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