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Facilitate changes to maximize adoption

Acknowledging the importance of building a change management strategy that considers the uniqueness of your organization, Talsom supports you at every step of this transition to provoke a profound, sustainable, and change-adoption-oriented transformation within your teams.

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Navigate an era of perpetual changes

In a context marked by constant and accelerated changes, Talsom guides you towards a more agile, pragmatic change management approach tailored to your reality, fostering communication, engagement, and learning.

Is your organization facing multiple changes to implement?

Your company is likely already dealing with several simultaneous changes. Whether driven by internal factors or external pressures, these changes are becoming more frequent and urgent to implement, which can sometimes be overwhelming, requiring an ever-growing adaptability.

A 360-degree vision focused on communication, engagement, and learning

Always aligned with your goals and needs, we help you develop a change management strategy to lead your transformation projects towards optimal adoption. Our approach aims to deeply understand each change, allowing you to establish clear and transparent communication, promote engagement in a collaborative environment, and encourage continuous learning through tailored training and tools.

Is your company expanding or undergoing restructuring?

Whether in the context of expansion, merger, split, relocation, or process reengineering, these changes represent a crucial moment for any organization. Such a transition inevitably poses numerous challenges, and the development of a strategic and proactive approach is essential to navigate through these changes successfully and with agility.

Align your goals and processes to maximize operational efficiency

We assist you in defining ideal goals and processes to propel your company forward. Our approach aims to actively involve your employees in the change process, facilitating the identification of gaps between the current and desired state of your organization. This approach enables you to establish a custom transformation plan in line with your organizational capabilities and future ambitions.

Are you looking to ensure the adoption of new technology?

Investing in a new technological solution without addressing change management can pose several major obstacles, such as resistance to tool adoption, low usage, and errors in implementation, thereby reducing the expected benefits of the investment.

Foster and accelerate the adoption of new technologies

We commit to supporting you in facilitating the integration of new technology, ensuring continuous support for your teams toward successful and frictionless adoption. Through a comprehensive approach and fluid, transparent, and open communication, we ensure that the adoption of new technology is not only effective but also sustainable and beneficial for your organization.

Do you aspire to create or strengthen your change management culture?

Without a well-established change management culture, your organization may face widespread resistance over time, low adoption of new initiatives, decreased productivity, and declining employee satisfaction, compromising the organization’s ability to innovate and adapt quickly.

Strengthen your skills to navigate change with ease

We offer customized training programs for individuals or groups at all levels of your hierarchy. These resources are designed to help you develop strong transformational leadership anchored in the culture of change, ensuring the successful and effective adoption of transformation projects at the heart of your organization.

Are you looking to improve your change management or considering building an internal team?

Establishing a change management process is essential to strengthen your organization’s ability to adapt to market fluctuations. In addition to facilitating the transition when introducing new initiatives, processes, or technologies, effective change management plays a key role in reducing resistance to change, increasing employee buy-in, and ensuring project success.

Improve the efficiency of your change management

We help you strengthen the efficiency of your change management activities by creating specialized teams or by directly involving ourselves in your transformation. Our approach coordinates all efforts to optimize your capacity for action, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum impact of the changes to be implemented.

An integrated and operational approach



  • Integrate your organization and project team
  • Understand the specific challenges of your organization
  • Identify stakeholders and their needs
  • Define the vision and goals of the transformation


  • Develop a change management strategy and plan adapted to your context
  • Analyze impacts and define mitigation actions
  • Establish success conditions for communication, skill development, and engagement


  • Deploy the actions defined in the change management plan
  • Implement monitoring and evaluation mechanisms
  • Regularly communicate progress on the transformation
  • Prepare resources
  • Address concerns and continuously measure the readiness for change


  • Assess reinforcement needs and implement actions to support these needs
  • Measure the achievement of human-defined objectives
  • Identify lessons learned and best practices to share


  • Implement continuous improvement mechanisms
  • Ensure proactive management of upcoming changes
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