Change Management

Projects built around people.

Embracing change.

Change Management

Every day, vast changes are implemented within organizations in order to improve performance, increase profits or gain a competitive advantage. Whether it’s the implementation of a new information system or a broader organizational transformation, the common denominator remains constant: people are key. For any of these changes to prove successful, the organization’s staff should get behind them both quickly and efficiently.

From evaluation to implementation, Talsom ensures sound leadership in change management by focusing on the impact to individuals. We assist you in creating a common objective towards project success so that each stakeholder grasps the extent of the change, develops strategies to adapt, and maximizes their personal and collective contribution to the project.

Change management: Getting Buy-in

  • Support developing a tiered change management approach.
  • Planning of activities and events via a coaching support system.
  • Management and execution from start to finish – Planning, Implementation, Reinforcement.
  • Determination of training needs by employee group, creation of a training workflow.
  • Identification of your key messaging and development of an effective communication plan.
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Julie Lachaine,
Vice President Transformation and Change Management
Change Management

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