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Cultivate excellence by unlocking your talents’ full potential

Beyond maintaining operational efficiency and enhancing the employee experience, a targeted learning strategy fortifies skills, fosters innovation, and readies your talents to navigate an ever-changing reality.

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Tailored solutions for every learning need

The swiftly evolving market demands adaptability and continuous skills progression. Faced with diverse development needs, Talsom offers personalized strategies tailored to your reality, fostering the evolution of your employees.

Effectively bridging your skills gaps

Unidentified and unaddressed skills gaps can impede your company’s evolution and adaptability. The absence of a tailored plan to enhance skills acts as a barrier to your organization’s performance, leaving it vulnerable.

Overcome skills gaps to maintain your competitiveness

Whether supporting performance or addressing underperformance, we diagnose, optimize, and develop personalized training plans tailored to specific roles. These plans empower your organization to fill skills gaps, regaining control of operational efficiency.

Do your teams possess the necessary skills to propel your organization forward?

Neglecting continuous skills improvement can lead to stagnation, causing you to miss countless opportunities, limiting innovation and growth. Without a robust learning culture, your organization not only risks losing access to new talents but also sees its top-performing employees seeking more rewarding professional challenges.

Strengthen your teams’ expertise

We understand the importance of cultivating a learning culture that attracts and retains your best talents. That’s why we help you identify the skills needed for the future and develop tailored learning strategies to expand your skill set. Simultaneously, by establishing or building upon a skills framework tailored to your reality, we can define organizational, functional, and leadership skills, creating integrated competency profiles aligned with your HR practices.

Is your organization cultivating its most valuable assets?

Key employee departures, market and technological changes, and the emergence of new corporate cultures, inspired by ESG and DEI, for example, can create vulnerabilities within your organization. Failing to strengthen your organizational maturity can also limit your ability to innovate, grow, and develop new markets.

Strengthen your expertise by identifying your talents and preparing for succession

Talsom strengthens your organizational maturity by co-creating a targeted and personalized development plan for the expertise you want to retain, deepen, or develop, in any form. We combine the principles of a robust learning culture, the latest technologies, and innovative trends from targeted vigilance to foster knowledge retention, transfer, and expansion, securing the expertise that sets your organization apart in the market.

Are you ready to support your employees’ development to empower them to face organizational changes?

Without adequate support, including planned skills development, organizational transformations, such as technology integration or restructuring, can sow confusion and dissatisfaction, leading to a significant drop in productivity, not to mention disengagement or even the departure of key resources.

Equip your employees to actively participate in the transformation

We stand by your side to facilitate transitions and ensure the empowerment of your employees. Regardless of the scale of your project, a skills development plan contributes to positive individual experiences during transformations, reinforcing each employee’s experience and ensuring a quicker return to operational efficiency.

Does your onboarding process reflect your values and corporate culture?

An onboarding program that does not consider the needs of your learners can lead to a fragmented perception of your company’s culture and values, resulting in non-compliant behaviors and challenging integration for new collaborators. In a labor shortage reality, neglecting this crucial element of the employee experience can impact retention and even talent attraction.

Maximize the impact of your onboarding process

We design and structure onboarding programs that reflect your company’s culture and values. Our team helps reinforce adherence to essential behaviors and compliance, simplifying the onboarding process, positively impacting initial engagement, and encouraging sustainable, value-aligned performance.

An integrated and operationalizable learning approach



  • Understand your reality, intentions, and learning culture
  • Identify development axes and targets to achieve your vision within the established parameters of your strategic planning

Analysis of your needs

  • Evaluate your current skills
  • Define types of learners and the learning model by site
  • Conceptualize tools
  • Establish conditions for success

Designing your future

  • Conceptualize future skills
  • Analyze the skills gap (current vs. future)
  • Enhance the project team and/or super-users’ skills

Development of content and your learning tools

  • Create training and learning tools
  • Plan the training period respecting your operations
  • Prepare trainers and/or super-users for their role

Activation of new skills

  • Generate engaging and relevant training experiences
  • Evaluate the mastery level of new knowledge and work habits
  • Diagnose upcoming reinforcement needs at the source

Evaluation and operationalization

  • Propel competence through reinforcement
  • Integrate specific learnings into generic programs (hiring, lateral transfers, and succession development)
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