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Lassonde Projet Concur

Mandate and challenges

In recent years, Lassonde’s growth has led to an increased need for travel.This new business reality led Lassonde to reconsider the way it manages travel and employee expenses.Talsom was commissioned to manage the implementation and deploymentof the complete solution for managing business travel and employee expenses throughout the entire company.


More than 450 affected employees

More than 10 business locations across Canada

A new technological solution that replaces a manual process


Needs and objectives

  • Implement an effective, fair, company-wide tool for managing travel expenses for the entire organization that’s suited to the new business reality and the changing economic environment
  • Make information and the application of policies consistent and uniform throughout Lassonde
  • Make the system accessible, secure and confidential, at all times, from anywhere via the Internet
  • Support employees by providing more effective tools
  • Automate the process from A to Z
  • Reduce the administrative burden that results from using multiple tools
  • Select and implement a corporate credit card program that is compatible with the expense management tool
  • Develop and deploy a travel agency services
  • Move forward with the progressive roll-out of the various components
Published on 02.04.2018