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In this section you will find all the articles relating to our four service offerings: Technology Strategy and Innovation, Strategic Architecture, Project Leadership and Change Management.


Project Leadership Harmonies: Orchestrating Collaboration and Cohesion Like a Symphony

Article written by Lorraine Deslauriers Executive Director, Project Leadership In the world of project leadership, where complexity and dynamics reign […]

Technology Strategy and Innovation

5 Myths and Realities of the Data-Driven Enterprise

Article written by Martin Bourgeois Director, Tech Strategy In today’s world, being “data-driven” implies that an organization’s strategic decisions, business […]


The Next Major Trends in Change Management

Article written by Valérie-Kim Besner Executive Director – Client Partner On November 15th, I had the opportunity to speak at […]

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization

Level 3 of cybersecurity: governance

The accelerating rate of digital transformation plays a major role in cybersecurity. Cyberattacks are multiplying and becoming more sophisticated as […]

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization

How mature is your cybersecurity: Understanding the 3 levels

In our hyperconnected world, as every sector of society is becoming digitalized and increasingly technology-dependent, cyberattacks are also multiplying and […]

Organizational Development

Top five organizational development trends

The pandemic has shifted the way we think about work. Nowhere is this clearer than with the so-called Great Resignation. […]

Project Management and Execution

Thinking outside the Golden Triangle: 4 key actions for successful project management in 2022

By now, everyone knows how much the pandemic has changed organizational structures and business management methods. A Project Management Institute […]

Technology Strategy and Innovation

The key benefits of digital transformation. Why you should accelerate your digitization.

Two years into the pandemic, with the benefits of digital transformation now well-established, you’d think companies would have prioritized their […]

Technology Strategy and Innovation

5 key actions to successfully accomplishing a rapid digital transformation

For most companies, digital transformation consists of adapting their processes and adopting digital tools to meet their strategic business objectives. […]