Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization

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Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization

Architecture strategy consists of an offer for services and of a team with practical experience put to your service to help you better understand and master the technologies that can support your business vision. We aim to position you proactively in your ecosystem, to set you apart from your competition, to maximize value creation and to exceed the expectations of your diverse stakeholders.

Our objective is to integrate the technologies that are relevant for your business by monitoring technology on a regular basis and by defining a target architecture. Our analyses and recommendations are concrete, executable and adapted to your business reality.

Our teams’ interventions range from evaluating the present technological environment, in order to identify opportunities and risks, to integrating the operational plan of your business, to helping you implement a roadmap to put in place a target technological architecture that supports all of your strategic objectives.

Architecture Strategy

  • Technological transformation plan to meet your vision and business objectives.
  • Selection of technological solutions.
  • Management and governance of IT and of digital transformation project portfolio.

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How to select the right technology for your business
Martin Bourassa,
Vice President
Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization
Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization

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