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Who are we?

To start with, we’re sure you want to know who we are. The name of our company came out of our desire to unite all of our employees, whether through their expertise or their stories, as well as everyone evolving with us in our ecosystem—our clients, providers, partners and community. We are not a collection of individuals, but a collectivity.


Talsom is the sum of all our talented team members.

Curious about joining our team?

Looking for an unrestricted, multifaceted position that matches your experience and interests? Whether you’re searching for a career in the field of consulting and technology or an internal role in company and brand development, you’re definitely in the right place! We are looking for talent to add to our team.


At Talsom, we pay particular attention to what drives you and what you are capable of accomplishing. That’s why our hiring process includes both interviews and a practical test. This approach helps us understand how your expertise and personality might affect Talsom, irrespective of the specific position you are applying for.

Every application submitted, even if unsolicited, is thoroughly examined. After this evaluation, a member of our recruitment team will contact you if he or she would like to set up an interview.


What are the benefits of applying?


  • Getting an idea of what it is like to work at Talsom
  • Meeting your potential future colleagues and getting acquainted with the work environment
  • Ensuring that you are joining a strong team
Your first steps at Talsom

Keep in mind that we do everything we can to make your first few days at Talsom as welcoming as possible. That’s why your first moments are spent at our offices—it’s an excellent way of becoming familiar with the team and our firm, especially for consultants, before leaving to take on mandates with our clients. We will provide all the computer equipment and resources you need and will guide you in terms of what procedures you need to follow.


So get ready to satisfy your curiosity!

The work environment

Our culture


Take one part start-up creative culture, mix it with a bit of the usual professional work ethic, add a pinch of authenticity and modesty and what you do get? The culture at Talsom.

We base our company culture on three pillars:

  • We aim to INSPIRE our team so that everyone can find their place and understand what their contribution is to the company.
  • We are committed to EMPOWER our employees so that they can take on and overcome bigger and bigger challenges, both personally and professionally.
  • We endeavour to RECOGNIZE the efforts that have contributed to the success of the team and the company.

To learn more about our culture and the origins of our three cultural pillars, visit the Careers section.



Our values


If you would like a glimpse into the inner workings of our company, just take a look at our values. They are more than just words written on a wall—they are what determines our mission and who we are.

Talsom holds a set of basic values that each employee lives by at work on a daily basis.  They are more than just words put up on a wall—they determine who we are and what drives us. Do you feel the same way about them?

  • Innovation is rewarded, execution is essential
  • We are our companys biggest fans
  • Say yes before you say no
  • Only the team is real

To see the rest of our values, visit the About Us section.


The offices


Imagine working in open, collaborative offices located in a historic building in picturesque Old Montreal. With your choice of beverages, snacks and other espresso-based goodies, you’ll no doubt feel right at home.


For Talsom, our office is not just a physical location, but the main centre where all our team members, whether they are with one of our clients or not, can get together and build strong relationships. Building a common culture and promoting teamwork is an important part of being more than just the sum of our parts.

All roads lead to Talsom

The strength of our team is based in its multidisciplinary nature. Naturally, certain types of backgrounds are more commonly found than others, but you would be astonished at some of the surprising and unexpected career experiences our team encompasses. Here’s a brief glimpse:

  • Accounting
  • Aviation
  • Communication
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Management
  • Organizational development
  • Organizational psychology
  • Project management
  • Strategy

Did you know you can experiment in a career at Talsom while you are studying?


At Talsom, internships are a way of experimenting with a career at a consulting firm, including working in the field and facing real challenges, integrating into a diverse team and confirming that this is in fact the right career for you.


Keep in mind that the goal of our internships is to create opportunities—both for you, if you are looking to join Talsom permanently once you complete your studies, and for us, since we are always looking for new talent to add to our team.


Whether you end up staying with us for just a few months or permanently, we are sure you’ll benefit from the experience, both as a person and as a professional.


How to apply?


We always need talent! Take a look at our opportunities you can submit an application at any time during the year directly through our website.

Are you ready for the challenge?