Technology Strategy and Innovation

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Technology Strategy and Innovation

Within the Design Thinking approach, Talsom helps you clearly define your digital strategy and identity, as well as develop a roadmap that will guide your future technology investments.

We implement an organizational culture geared towards innovation and work with you to create organizational designs, processes, channels, services and digital products. We also help foster a better understanding of current and future technological trends and assess their impact on your business and its ecosystem. We advise you as to what business reflexes lend themselves to the most beneficial technological opportunities, thereby ensuring that your strategic priorities are aligned with your digital competencies on a long-term basis.

Design Thinking for Digital Transformation (DT4DT) Boot Camp

  • Evaluation of digital maturity
  • Exploration of your technological ecosystem
  • Collaborative creation of your digital identity and reputation
  • Definition of roadmap for your digital transformation
  • Organizational design
  • Ecosystem strategy
  • Process design
  • Product and service design
  • Channel design
  • User engagement and experience
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Design Thinking principles applied to
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Case Study Design Thinking
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Eric Dupont,
Vice-President Innovation Lab
Technology Strategy and Innovation

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