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Narrowed down your technology decision? Now it’s time to get to work. Project Management and Change Management are two key, complimentary pillars to ensure the success of your implementation potentially involving several systems, and hundreds of employees within your organization.

How does it work?

Project Leadership

Change Management

Did you know that with personalized guidance, 94% of transformation projects are successful? Whether it’s the implementation of a new technology platform, or an organizational transformation to address a problem or leverage a business opportunity, the common denominator is the individual. Each change must go through a understanding of the impact on individuals throughout the project, alongside efficient and timely buy-in. From diagnostics to deployment, our change catalysts help you lead your stakeholders to understand the issues, adapt to change, and maximize their individual and collective contribution to the project.

- Implementation of change networks and mentorship

- Planning and carrying out training and buy-in activities

- Identifying key messages and creating a communication plan

- Managing stakeholder resistance and engagement

Tools to guide you
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