Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization

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Enterprise Architecture and Tech Optimization

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization

Our architecture strategy offer comprises a comprehensive suite of services delivered by a team with real-world experience, put to work on helping you better understand and master the technologies that will form the backbone of your strategic vision. We proactively ensure that you’re well-positioned in your industry to set you apart from the competition, maximize value creation and to exceed the expectations of your stakeholders.

Our primary objective begins with integrating the technologies relevant to your business by staying ahead of the curve in terms of best practices and industry standards, followed by the identification and conception of a target architecture. Our reporting and recommendations are concrete, actionable, and tailored specifically to your business reality.

Our interventions range from a diagnosis of your current technological maturity in order to identify key opportunities and pitfalls to avoid, to helping you implement a roadmap that will support your strategic objectives through a target architecture.

Architecture Strategy

  • Tech transformation plan to meet your vision and business objectives.
  • Selection of technological solutions.
  • Development of an efficient IT governance plan.
  • Sound management of your digital transformation portfolio.

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How to select the right technology for your business
Martin Bourassa,
Vice President
Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization
Enterprise Architecture and Technology Optimization

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