Data Strategy

Data Valorization

Data science applied to your business challenges.

Data Strategy

What is data valorization?

Data valorization helps companies interpret and transform their data into information that potentially can create value. A company’s ability to collect, store, analyze and convert data has become a considerable advantage – if they plan to stay competitive. Therefore, what is the best way to collect data and harness its value?

Our Solutions

We have powerful tools to help you make decisions and optimize your business processes. Our three customized solutions use your data and transforms it into useful insights.

Talsom accompanies you all the way through your data processing journey, to help you extract its full value. These solutions are designed to work for all types of businesses.

Our Tech Solutions

Our Approach

Digital Twin

Discover this solution’s full potential in creating a digital representation of your company’s processes and systems. Offline or in real time, you can use this powerful process optimization tool to simulate and predict the impact of future changes on a complex system. Thus allowing you to better anticipate and reduce risks and consequences related to modifications on the original system.

KPI on demand

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are at the intersection of data and business targets. They measure a company’s performance and effectiveness but can be very hard to master. How do you find the right, relevant KPIs that are aligned to your business needs? More importantly, how do you analyze them predictively? Make better-informed decisions and go from reactive to proactive by using predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics

Find innovative solutions to specific or recurring problems with this approach, where data science is applied to your business challenges. Our team of experts creates powerful, customized algorithms through predictive analytics, that will provide valuable assessments. They will allow you to better anticipate any situations that may happen, maintenance needs, optimization requirements, and much more. Are you ready to switch from reactive to proactive mode?

The mastery of data proves to be a great strategic advantage for any company with the ability to transform it into intelligence.
Harness your data’s full potential
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