Data structuring and valorization

Maximize the value and use of your data


Effectively structure your data to fully leverage AI

Talsom assists you in developing a comprehensive data strategy and robust governance, creating a solid foundation for optimal AI utilization.

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Elevate your data management to a strategic level

In the digital age, effective data management and valorization are crucial for any business looking to fully leverage artificial intelligence. Talsom guides you in establishing a rigorous framework that ensures the integrity, security, and accessibility of your data, aligning these efforts with your technology strategy and business objectives.

The necessity of sound data governance

Poor data governance exposes your organization to significant risks (reliability, security, protection, transparency, ethics, etc.) and poorly informed decisions. Recognizing the importance of structured, methodical, and modern management is essential to turning these risks into opportunities.

Transform your data into a durable strategic asset

We help you design and implement a governance framework aligned with your goals and ambitions, enhancing the quality and security of your information. This framework allows you to structure your data effectively, supporting well-informed and sustainable strategic decisions.

  • Implement an adapted governance model: Create a governance structure tailored to your organization’s unique needs and the specific requirements of your sector, enhancing strategic alignment and organizational responsiveness.
  • Develop a personalized data strategy: Formulate a personalized strategy that maximizes your data utilization while ensuring its integrity and compliance, laying the foundation for AI deployment and a competitive advantage.
  • Valorize data across the organization: Use your data to generate insights, increase operational efficiency, and make better decisions based on reliable, relevant, and real-time information.

Maximize the utility of your data throughout its lifecycle

Effective data lifecycle management is essential for maximizing usage while minimizing associated risks. A structured approach ensures data security and maximizes potential from acquisition to visualization, including storage and analysis, guaranteeing complete and secure exploitation.

Optimize data management to enhance organizational performance

We help you establish a structure that maximizes your ability to fully utilize your data. By integrating advanced processes, we facilitate smooth and secure data exploitation, increasing your organizational efficiency and performance while minimizing risks.

  • Comprehensive lifecycle management: From collection to use, we ensure optimal data management at every lifecycle stage, guaranteeing secure handling and storage.
  • Development of advanced functionalities: Implement predictive and prescriptive analytics functionalities that transform your data into strategic insights, significantly improving decision-making.
  • Data valorization capacity: Leverage targeted data to enhance key areas of your organization, ensuring utilization that exceeds traditional expectations and provides an unparalleled strategic advantage.

Ensure the integrity and relevance of your data over time

In a world where decisions must be made increasingly quickly, proactive data management is essential. Ensuring data integrity and relevance through regular maintenance keeps your business competitive and agile in a constantly evolving economic landscape.

Improve and accelerate decision-making

The true power of data lies not only in its collection but in its exploitation. With this goal in mind, we offer consulting services to transform and interpret your raw data into strategic assets, enabling decision-making based on rigorous and current information.

  • Data transformation: We help you convert raw data into a powerful tool for improving and accelerating decisions, providing you with the means to interpret and use this information effectively.
  • Development of analytical structure: Create structured frameworks for data analysis, facilitating the understanding of internal processes and the visualization of results for better-informed decisions.
  • Identification and exploitation of trends through AI: Use advanced artificial intelligence techniques to identify and exploit trends that predict future behaviors and influence your strategic decisions, providing you with a significant competitive advantage.

Successfully launch your AI journey

The 5 key questions to address before introducing AI into your organization, diagnosing initial challenges and formulating a precise adoption plan tailored to your operational and strategic context.


Why AI?

What are the operational and financial impacts that AI (GPT, Copilot, Gemini, or other tools) can have on our processes, business, and industry?


Am I ready?

Is my infrastructure (data, technology, operational model, etc.) prepared to integrate AI and support its deployment in my organization?


What should I do?

Develop a structured approach for introducing AI in your business, considering your objectives and exploring various use cases.


How to mobilize my teams?

Show your teams how AI can unlock their full potential and increase efficiency.


What do I measure and how?

Determine the key metrics for tracking progress and impact, ensuring you maximize the benefits of your AI adoption project and approach.

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