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4 ways to grow your business in the experience economy

If you’re a business leader, you’re likely to want to know what lies on the road ahead, and this is where digital transformation experts Talsom come in.

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Looking at your company from another perspective can be a key win towards your digital transformation (FR)

Constant technological progress brings about constant change in work methods and the business world at large. Unfortunately, many companies don’t always know where to begin their digital transformation.

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Talsom aide des PME nord-américaines à réinventer leur modèle d’affaires à travers l’innovation

En étroite collaboration avec Agropur depuis des années, Talsom a eu la chance de contribuer au projet d’innovation ouverte auprès de ces cinq entreprises – dont une montréalaise...

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Demystifying the millennial work ethic (FR)

Some were there to learn the ins and outs of Design Thinking at Talsom’s workshop, and everyone participated to give a helping hand to L'Itinéraire. It was quite a sight to see.

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Talsom and L’Itinéraire : a Design Thinking Jam afternoon (FR)

On September 13th, folks from all walks of life met up with vendors from L’Itinéraire and with Talsom’s team for a creatively charged afternoon.

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