What’s better than starting this new year in force by setting new goals? Even better when it comes to responsible goals that focus efforts on common well-being, creating a positive impact for employees, partners, the environment and social in general.

In this regard, we are proud to announce that Talsom has become the first technology consulting firm in Canada to join the B Corp community. Since doing the right thing is one of our core values, we now look forward to having a certified responsible mission that will allow the company to reconcile its desire for social impact success with a positive environmental footprint.

B Corp, what is this?
B Corp is a certification for companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. This certification was established by B Lab, a non-profit American organization, which aims to use the business world leadership to change practices and bring society to a new level in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

From a social perspective, the B Corp community strives to reduce inequality, reduce poverty, and create stronger communities and high-quality jobs. It puts forward good governance and transparency practices of companies. From an environmental level, community members are committed to putting in place concrete policies to meet the highest standards in this area. Their goal is to align the mission of companies with innovative corporate structures by ensuring a look at the policies and actions they undertake.

b corp assessment - list and standard

A new generation of responsible companies
The movement of corporate social responsibility has grown in recent years, so much that certifications of all kinds have emerged, sometimes leading to a lack of interest in the meaning of these.

Beyond being a responsible certification, B Corp brings together an international and global community of more than 2600 companies that follow strict and responsible behaviors to positively impact all stakeholders in their ecosystems. B Corp’s ripple effect using business power to address social and environmental problems is without a doubt the right way to lead sustainable change.

2655 certified companies  -150 industries – 60 countries

Why this drives us?

“This certification is the concrete result of what we want to embody through our mission; create a positive impact through people, technology and innovation. This is a recognition of the basic principles upon which Talsom is founded and it will guide the policies and procedures to be put in place in the coming years to ensure that Talsom becomes a model of the industry.”  – Olivier Laquinte, President of Talsom

For Talsom, the purpose of any organisations goes beyond the simple search for a profit. We believe that it is the responsibility of every company to ensure involvement beyond its daily activities. A monetary implication is always good, but we find the participative implication even more striking. An important aspect of Talsom’s business reality is not only meeting the needs of its customers, but also having a real social impact on communities and the environment. We are therefore seeking to go beyond the monetary contribution. What motivates us is to have a real impact with people and/or causes in need to improve our society. The members of the Talsom team adhere to these same values and constantly seek to make useful interventions.

“In a company like Talsom, which offers advice and therefore knowledge, we feel the need to be motivated by a cause, because we have the opportunity to create a positive impact, and to feel it. The idea behind all of this is to put all of our knowledge, skills and ways of working to help organizations and communities find solutions.” – Olivier Laquinte, President of Talsom

Becoming the first Canadian technology consulting firm to achieve the B Corp certification pushes us to surpass ourselves by adopting responsible and innovative behaviors. According to the B Lab, it is this competition to become the “best responsible” that will ensure that the business community becomes even better at sharing prosperity in a more sustainable way.

So, let’s not only be the best companies in the world, but better for the world. 

B Corp Lab at Talsom Canada

How to be certified B Corp?
This process does not happen in a few days and involves a lot of effort. It starts by making sure to meet the performance requirements that are quite demanding. It involves a global analysis of the company’s procedures and their impact on stakeholders (employees, customers, community, governance and environment). In case of non-compliance with corporate and legal requirements, work needs to be done on the redesign of these policies. The time spent on this process is well worth the work and allows you to obtain a global vision of your company, little update that is always beneficial.

We are proud to be a part of the B Corp Community