MONTREAL, June 6, 2024 – Talsom, through its newly established division, Talsom AI, has officially consolidated its artificial intelligence (AI) offerings by launching a comprehensive suite of solutions. Focused on innovation and growth, Talsom AI provides its clients with a competitive edge in an ever-evolving landscape.  

In a context where AI raises questions and apprehensions, Talsom took the bet as early as 2022 to democratize this technology through active participation in various provincial events, while integrating its own solutions internally.

Talsom AI distinguishes itself with a unique approach built on three pillars of expertise designed to create value: 

  1. Deployment of Generative AI: Talsom AI offers expertise that enables companies to enhance their workflows, increase productivity, and gain flexibility and control. Clients can leverage proprietary generative AI or integrate Microsoft Copilot. 
  1. Process Automation: By automating processes, Talsom AI unlocks the potential and creativity of teams, allowing companies to optimize operations and stay competitive in a constantly changing environment. 
  1. Data Structuring and Enhancement: Talsom AI assists companies in developing comprehensive data strategies and implementing effective governance, ensuring data integrity, security, accessibility, and value maximization. 

“As we take this new step with Talsom AI, we are excited about the trust our clients have placed in us. Generative AI opens new opportunities for businesses, and we are committed to helping them fully leverage these benefits, particularly by optimizing productivity and improving work quality through our partnership with Microsoft and the power of its AI Copilot,” said Jonathan Tremblay, Partner at Talsom. 

Talsom’s expertise in change management is critical for ensuring the full adoption of the AI solutions offered by Talsom AI. This key competence aligns AI technologies with clients’ strategic objectives, ensuring smooth and relevant integration of AI solutions within businesses. 

For more information, contact:
Jonathan Tremblay 
Partner, Talsom 

About TALSOM: 
Founded in 2010, TALSOM is driven by a mission focused on positive impact through people, innovation, and technology. In 2019, it became the first technology consulting firm in Canada to achieve B Corp certification, reflecting its commitment to real and measurable impact beyond profit. Its services, including innovation studio, technology strategy and human transition, project leadership, and change management, demonstrate its expertise in navigating the ever-changing technological landscape.