Believing in our employees

Camille Lajeunesse-Tougas
Change Management Business Analyst
« When you work at Talsom, you feel like your opinion matters. . You’re regularly involved in the decision-making process – and that fosters engagement, creativity and inspiration. »

Camille never believed she would work in consulting. What she did believe, however, was that she wanted to help companies in some way, so after completing her master’s in strategy, her desire to become a consultant was the obvious next step.


“Although I have worked in several different fields, I was always the type of person that wanted to change the companies I worked for to make them better. In the end, being a consultant was a bit like that: They call you, they have some need, and they would like you to help them improve the organization by answering that need.

But for Camille, it’s important that she not limit herself solely to consulting.


What I like about Talsom is that we dont only do consultingwere working to realize many projects every day, both internally and externally. Almost every week, a co-worker will come to me for help with something that most of the time I know absolutely nothing about. They come for just a few minutes of my time to get my advice, swap ideas or sometimes even to get me involved at a high level. Its cool to see that your opinion counts.




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