Talsom at C2 Montreal 2019 : three pillars to help build TOMORROW

May 22nd through 24th 2019, Talsom’s whole team will once again be onsite at C2 Montréal 2019, an immersive event that transforms the way things are done in the business world. This year, C2 Montreal’s theme, “Tomorrow”, draws upon the mission that we try to embody at Talsom; creating a positive impact through people, innovation and technology.

So how do we create this positive impact of “Tomorrow”, right now, and not ten years from now? Each of us, in our own way, in parts of our own lives, has the power to act towards creating a more sustainable future; after all, we are the ambassadors of Tomorrow.

That’s why Talsom contributes to the future through three key pillars.

Taking action for tomorrow is…

1-Ensuring continuity for our Quebec companies

Creating tomorrow means ensuring that our Quebec enterprises can continue on strong, with the next generation taking the wheel and ensuring our longevity and value creation in the future.

What can we do for our companies to ensure that they are long-lasting, from one generation to the next, all the while creating value for Quebec?

To help equip us with answers and solutions for this first question, we’ll be joined on May 22nd by the Business Families Foundation whose mission it is to promote the success and the longevity of family companies through  a worldwide partner network comprised of family entrepreneurs, academia and family company consultants.

At 1pm, Ken Tencer, author, intrapreneur and household name on the topic of of innovation, will speak with us about his intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial experiences. He’ll also get into what’s called the 90% Rule®, a proven innovation process he co-developed to help companies identify, filter and put into action growth opportunities.

This podcast will be broadcast live on our Facebook page. At the end of the day, a publication featuring some of the challenges around company longevity and inheritance through generations will be available for download on

2-Facilitate the journey of women towards tech

Creating tomorrow also means recognizing and cultivating how women feel empowered in the business world and more specifically the tech world, so that more of them can play an impactful role in the leadership and success of our organizations.

How and when can we can we have an impact on the journeys of girls and women to foster their interest in tech and grow their leadership in the field?

For this second day focused on women, a Design Thinking Workshop, built around the C2 program, will be led by our innovation consultant Adil Mansouri, in partnership with L’effet A which aims to empower and take concrete action for women. L’effet A offers a vast program of professional development to companies and women to help highlight female talent, foster their ambition and help them advance in their careers.

At 11am, about a hundred attendees will participate in an ideation session. Their goal will be to help identify solutions that help women surmount obstacles on their path to leadership and decipher ways to help them enter the tech world, in addition to the development of their career in the field.

At 12:30pm on the Talsom balcony, we’ll host a discussion on diversity and inclusion with Marie-Josée Lamothe, former Director General of Branding at Google Canada, Julie Lachaine, vice-president of change management at Talsom, and Olivier Laquinte, Talsom’s president and a member of L’effet A. How do we leverage our differences to maximize the value that each one of us brings to society and the business world?

This podcast will be broadcast live on our Facebook page. At the end of the day, a publication outlining the insight that emerged from the talk will be available online at

3-Tearing down silos through the actors of the innovation change to stimulate growth

Creating tomorrow also means giving a hand to all the players in the innovation chain, from the plucky start-up all the way to leadership, to help understand the challenges that come with innovation and break down silos to see our tech innovation projects to fruition.

Since C2 Montreal is, after all, a place to meet one another, Talsom chose, for its final day, to take on the role of moderator and bring together different actors in the innovation chain. Together, we can understand the main challenges each actor is facing, the lessons they can share and tomorrow’s actions they can contribute to.

At noon on the Talsom balcony, Paul Kruszewski, CEO of wrnch, Patrick Gagné, CEO of the Osmo innovation hub, and Stéphane Goyette, vice-president of Innovation at CAE will discuss challenges of growth vs risk in an open innovation environment. The session will be moderated by our vice-president of innovation, Eric Dupont.

This podcast will be broadcast live on our Facebook page. At the end of the day, a summary of the challenges and solution tracks for each actor in the innovation chain will be published on

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Published on 21.05.2019