Our articles on latest technologies

We suggest to examine the latest technological trends present on the market as well as those to monitor, then to identify their deployment potential and actionable in an organizational environment.


Imagine the Future of Your Business

On September 13 and 14, Talsom attended the Journées Technologiques Nationales en Alimentaire organized by the Conseil de la Transformation […]


MOVIN’ON 2017: Sustainable Mobility in Smart Cities

Last week, Montreal hosted the 13th edition of the global sustainable mobility summit MOVIN’ ON. In the creative environment of […]


The Customer Journey: Identify Technological Opportunities

If like many other people, you believe that the Customer Journey is limited only to marketing, the B2C sector and […]

Artificial Intelligence

Four Ways for Businesses to Use AI

Four Ways for Businesses to Use AI Artificial intelligence presents employers with a technological alternative to their traditional modes of […]