How digital transformation drives your business.

Benefits of working with a management consulting firm

In 2021, 57% of Canadian businesses started a digital transformation. Such are the findings of our latest survey in partnership with Léger. By digital transformation, they mean changes in technological infrastructure, automation, and digital application.

Too often, digital transformation is still considered the responsibility of IT and/or department heads, and too rarely is it part of any process of real collective change. Indeed, setting up new technology involves a total process overhaul that changes the company culture. However, the key barriers to digital transformation are, first and foremost, the lack of tech skills (70%), financial resources (58%) and managerial skills (57%).

Digital transformation goes far beyond choosing the technology. It must be planned out and guided so it can generate lasting advantages and benefits. Between making technology decisions, prioritizing business goals, and providing support during the transformation, it can be helpful to join up with an experienced partner who can guide you through the whole process.

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The advantages of working with a partner

A digital transformation project requires many resources and much planning. Day-to-day management, maxed-out teams, and the need for new skills can bog the project down – or even sink it. So, working with an outside partner like a consulting firm can help manage your project better, saving you time and money.

  1. Rev up your teams and protect your employer brand

Deploying a technology project requires additional technical resources to set up the chosen solution, and support functions for training, tech support and change management. These new requirements may be temporary. In addition to the labour shortage, which is especially acute for tech skills, plus the time it takes to hire and onboard a whole team, it may be more strategic to call on a consulting firm capable of quickly supporting your teams with the right skills.

At the end of the project, you may choose to add those key skills to your team and release the additional resources – without affecting your employer brand.

  1. Anticipate blind spots and create the big picture

 Digital transformation involves a lot more than simply making a technology purchase decision. Indeed, it involves a total process overhaul that changes the company culture. The added value created is correlated to using technology and adopting it in-house. Once the improvement has been targeted, it’s common to move quickly into solution and project deployment mode. There’s a risk of forgetting a field that will be impacted by the change, causing more delays and increasing costs. By working with an experienced partner, you can avoid these blind spots while optimizing the value created by the transformation. Likewise, accounting for adoption and training costs will guarantee success.

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  1. Specific or all-inclusive resources to accelerate digital transformation

 “There are almost as many corporate business models as there are approaches to digital transformation. You have to understand that digital is constantly evolving, so goals are adjusted to grow along with the transformation project. A company should think of its digital transformation project as its North Star. It’s a direction to take, a destination that generates a growing added value to become more competitive – and all constantly evolving.”

Olivier Laquinte, CEO of Talsom

Design Studio

This human-centred, empathy-focused practice supports you as you develop your vision and strategy, drawing on a deep understanding of your needs as a company and as individuals (employees, partners and users). From strategic alignment, to new business models using organizational development, to the technological solutions of methods like Design Thinking, our team can help you build an innovation culture and design capacities within your organization.

Technology Strategy

Our approach is based on the risk-management curve so that we can support you in aligning your plan and your strategic vision. Our goal is to help you realize your strategic potential by monitoring technology, revising your business processes, drawing up a technology roadmap, and selecting tech solutions.

Project Management

Whether setting up a PMO, auditing or implementing a program, we always combine recognized models with best practices to tangibly help our clients create a state of mind – and sound project management governance.

Change Management

Lack of training and a failure to account for individual needs is a key barrier to adopting new technology. The change management team gets change adopted by combining know-how, interpersonal skills and proven tools to create a personal approach to mobilizing a team.

A partner with sustainable values

 We at Talsom know that blind leadership doesn’t work. We firmly believe that a strong vision, a clear strategy, and goals that everyone understands – along with shared values – must be built into our traditions, our beliefs and our passions.

An agnostic company

One of the many differences in, and reasons for, Talsom’s success is that we’re not representing, promoting, or selling any technology. Our role is to focus on our clients’ business needs, guide them in choosing the tool best suited to those needs, and guarantee that the implementation plan will be rigorously carried out to achieve their business goals.

B-Corp certified

Talsom is the first Canadian technology consulting firm to be B-Corp certified.

For us, this means rigour and alignment in our strategic operations, for consistency between our values and how we apply them. This certification shapes our company culture, offers our employees better working conditions, and makes us more environmentally and socially effective.

Professionnels d’ici

SPI – Services Professionnels d’Ici” was born of the drive to help structure the business services industry and the need to attune decision-makers to local buying beyond consumer goods, all to build tomorrow’s winners. Talsom is one of its founding members alongside more than 250 independent business services firms.

Talsom, the preferred partner for your digital transformation

We’re a digital transformation consulting firm based in Montreal since 2010. We’re a partner to local, national and international businesses. We can be your single point of contact from strategy to execution, or we can come in on a specific phase in your process.

To find out more about what we offer and how we can help you on your path to transformation, download our service overview.

Published on 25.02.2022