Project Management and Execution

Have you taken on the best project and change management practices?

Is your organization implementing or planning the implementation of a new technology such as an ERP, PLM, CRM, HRIS, or even a new e-commerce platform? Within the constant ebb and flow of our organizations, change management is a key pillar in supporting project management and creating symbiosis between people and technology. It helps minimize uncertainty, address resistance, and encourages compliance and buy-in from employees.

In fact, project leadership that leverages sound change management techniques are six times more likely to reach or surpass their objectives than those that do not!

Talsom created the following questions as a starting point to reflect on your project and change management processes. To obtain a birds-eye-view of your current situation, 3 key pillars are considered: project supervision, project management, and change management. Your answers will help us:

1- Create a customized summary of your project and change management context
2- Share a high-level evaluation of your status with regards to the 3 pillars of project and change management
3- Provide you with recommendations that you can then leverage as a starting point for a discussion with your peers

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Published on 19.03.2019