HRIS – Change Management

Mandate and Challenge

To standardize its different HR systems and improve its processes, our client, a leading company in the agri?food industry, wanted to adopt a standardized human capital solution within its Canadian and American divisions. As is the case when any systems and process changes are implemented, the success of the project depended on user adoption. That is why Talsom was mandated to develop the change management plan and to manage the different activities associated with it as well as the local change management team. This included the preparation of a detailed analysis of stakeholders and impacts it would have on them, in addition to a communications, training, support and transition plan. Talsom also accompanied management throughout the process.

More than 10,000 affected employees in Canada and the United States.

More than 40 sites and factories.

“Big Bang” implementation.

Duration of Talsom’s involvement: 6 months.


Needs and Objectives

  • Provide a solution for managing HR data and activities that is intuitive, secure and easy to access (at all times via the Internet).
  • Improve and standardize HR processes within the business.
  • Integrate pay processing (previously completed by an external body) with the client’s internal HR activities.
  • Reduce inefficient processes and onerous administrative workload, in particular as regards document management.
  • Offer greater autonomy to managers and employees by giving them the option to manage their personal profile, consult their pay stubs directly online and to complete requests for leaves of absence.
  • Improve three-directional communication among HR professionals, managers and employees for all HR-related requests.
  • Substantially reduce paper consumption.
  • Use analytical tools to generate more effective projections concerning the management of human capital.



Our client selected Workday as its new human capital management system. Workday is a cloud-based solution, meaning it is accessible from any device that has an Internet connection. Workday is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that offers a number of features including the management of employee benefits, pay, leaves of absence, compensation and employee performance. This system also generates a number of reports that are useful for the strategic planning of HR and managers.

Yellow Y360 Project

Mandate and challenges

The growing competition and new business realities of the Yellow Group, the largest family-owned shoe retailing company, led the company to implement a software-as-a-service (SaaS) integrated management software package. This solution is called Epicor ® Retail. Retailers and their commercial signs must constantly adapt to consumer trends in this industry with specific characteristics. Ensuring the availability of products in linear, as well as responsiveness and expertise to effectively support marketing and sales strategies is a daily challenge. Our Talsom team, consisting of a project manager and four consultants, has been mandated to manage the implementation and deployment of the entire solution.

  • More than 1000 employees affected
  • 106 stores across Canada
  • 146 cash registers impacted by the new system
  • Big Bang implementation in one phase
  • New technological solution that will replace a system dating back to more than 20 years
  • Project duration of 12 months

Needs and objectives

Yellow has implemented a software-as-a-service (SaaS) integrated management software package. The development, implementation and maintenance of the solution were provided by Epicor. In operation at headquarters and in 106 stores via a network, this retail solution includes Merchandising, Sales Control, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence in addition to store location management software, and a point-of-sale system deployed on 146 cash registers.

Lassonde Projet Concur

Mandate and challenges

In recent years, Lassonde’s growth has led to an increased need for travel.This new business reality led Lassonde to reconsider the way it manages travel and employee expenses.Talsom was commissioned to manage the implementation and deploymentof the complete solution for managing business travel and employee expenses throughout the entire company.


More than 450 affected employees

More than 10 business locations across Canada

A new technological solution that replaces a manual process


Needs and objectives

  • Implement an effective, fair, company-wide tool for managing travel expenses for the entire organization that’s suited to the new business reality and the changing economic environment
  • Make information and the application of policies consistent and uniform throughout Lassonde
  • Make the system accessible, secure and confidential, at all times, from anywhere via the Internet
  • Support employees by providing more effective tools
  • Automate the process from A to Z
  • Reduce the administrative burden that results from using multiple tools
  • Select and implement a corporate credit card program that is compatible with the expense management tool
  • Develop and deploy a travel agency services
  • Move forward with the progressive roll-out of the various components