Life as an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, though the former usually makes up for the latter. While the ups make for good examples of success, the downs are learning opportunities. Through it all, “the first” are what make you realize all that you have accomplished. 

The faith that our experts at Talsom and our clients have shown allowed us for over 10 years to constantly push ourselves to do better and expend our knowledge. It is why today, I come bearing good news. Joined by my colleagues and associates, I have the immense pleasure to announce that for the first time in Talsom’s history, we are acquiring another company.  

This is actually the takeover of a business that has proven itself over 14 years of experience. Gestion CVMC made its name by assisting its prestigious clients in the selection of software solutions and always satisfied by their team professional approach. However, they find themselves in the same situation as many other companies, according to the National Bank, by 2025, between 5, 700 and 10, 000 companies could close their doors their inability of finding or attract successors.  

Through hard work, constant reassessment and the desire to improve, Talsom is now at the stage of adding to its organic growth that of acquisition & takeover in order to continue offering its clients a distinctive added value. It fills us with pride and positive energy to be in a position where we can take a more important place Quebec’s market whilst continuing to grow in other geographic areas. Talsom’s integration of CVMC allows us to accompany our clients in their digital transformation in an even more complete way than ever before, considering the increasing pusher industries are putting on companies to make the transition to a digital business model.  

This acquisition makes for a powerful addition to our teams and the sum of our talents, allowing us to establish a stronger Quebec ownership. This is the beginning of the next 10 years. 


Olivier Laquinte, CEO and Founder of Talsom