Your overall score is 0/60

At risk! Action required.

A score between 0 and 20 suggests that several elements from the three IT project management pillars are unaccounted for or being neglected. At this point, your project could be at risk when it comes to adoption and implementation within your organization. It would be recommended to undergo an evaluation and revision of your leadership, project management and change management practices in order to maximize your chance of success. In order to help guide you in your next steps, find some personalized recommendations below.





Sponsor 0/20

The presence of a supervisor empowered with the requisite authority and acting as a positive influence is one of the key requirements for the success of any IT project and organizational change. This individual ensures the buy-in from various stakeholders working towards a common tech goal, the communication aspect of the change as well as its validity. Have you identified your leader?

Project Management 0/20

Before managing the change, comes managing the project. It’s absolutely vital that a project manager – equipped with all the resources they’ll need – is involved in the process. The key steps in the project need to be clearly identified and outlined within a complete project playbook, where one can find the steps, deadlines, key stakeholders and evaluation criteria. Working directly with change management as early as possible allows you to estimate the efforts required in a realistic fashion, in order to ensure the success of your project.

Change Management 0/20

Change management methodology is comprised of several connected elements, all interdependent and connected to one another. Here are some sound guidelines:

- Assign a dedicated change management to the project, one which can operate both strategically and tactically

- Develop a personalized change management strategy that keeps the human element of the project at the forefront

- Develop a consultative approach with employees. After all, when it comes to understanding what support is needed to accompany them through change, who knows best?

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