Rethink the way we work and interact

The appearance and spread of COVID-19 have disrupted our societies and our habits, and consequently the operations of every business. The complexity goes beyond setting up remote work for employees, and extends to the continuity of our activities.

The organizations must have two concerns : how be in control of the current situation and be ready to resume activities when the time comes ?

Discover our 4 specialized services to help you operate during the crisis.

Our Webinars.

Each week, the Talsom team presents a free webinar in order to open a genuine discussion on the issues and concerns of organizations facing the crisis we are going through.


All our webinars

01 ? La gestion d’une situation de crise au-delà du télétravail : gestion de vos projets et changement de vos méthodes de travail. (IN FRENCH)

02 ? Les tactiques de communication interne?: bonnes pratiques de transmission de vos informations et de communication avec vos équipes. (IN FRENCH)

03 ? Le succès des ateliers de travail virtuels?: construire des sessions engageantes et efficaces. (IN FRENCH)