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Life at Talsom

One team

We have formed a team of digital transformation experts with diverse talents who are capable of aligning processes, resources and technologies.


Because we are also entrepreneurs at heart, we understand the very nature of the business world. We understand what drives businesses and their decision-makers to aim for excellence and to always go further. We share this same DNA and we speak the same language.

No excuses, no exceptions

We support and stimulate the growth of each of our clients by offering efficient, innovative technological solutions. Our involvement is valuable and our results are quantifiable.

Doing the right thing

We ensure the highest level of integrity and objectivity without compromise.

Innovation is rewarded, Execution is essential

Developing a good idea is only the first step. When this idea takes shape and we put it into execution, the real results begin to show.

We strive to demonstrate the highest degree of integrity and objectivity, without compromise.

We are our company’s biggest fans

We invest in our employees so that they will be enthusiastic and passionate about TALSOM. That way, we are able to attract and retain the best talent.

Saying Yes Instead of No

We prioritize saying “Yes” over saying “No”. This does not mean that every idea, question, suggestion or recommendation will necessarily be approved, but we consider each one with an open mind and we approach challenges and opportunities with the belief that the glass is half full and that where there is a will, there is a way.

Urgency is deeply ingrained in us – It is how we live

It is important for us to push our limits, to commit to going farther and to stand out. In other words, to develop a sense of urgency! Our team strives to return phone calls and emails the same day. Not only in response to our clients and partners, but also internally. This feeling of urgency motivates us to ensure rapid communication.

Our obsession : Finding the best way of doing things

We are persistent about finding the best way of doing things. When we find the right solution, we apply it. And we do not hesitate to challenge ourselves to reach new heights. For us, the status quo is not an option. Finding new ways of doing things is not something we do to pass the time – it is a key responsibility for each member of our team. It is our passion, our primary method of working … our obsession!

There is no “I” in “Team”

Together with our clients, we form a cohesive team. We do not speak in terms of “They” or “Them”. There is only an inclusive “Us” that refers to our team, our clients, our suppliers, and our partners.

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