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Life at Talsom

One team

We have formed a team of digital transformation experts with diverse talents who are capable of aligning processes, resources and technologies


Because we are also entrepreneurs at heart, we understand the very nature of the business world. We understand what drives businesses and their decision-makers to aim for excellence and to always go further. We share this same DNA and we speak the same language.

No excuses, no exceptions

We support and stimulate the growth of each of our clients by offering efficient, innovative technological solutions. Our involvement is valuable and our results are quantifiable.

Do the right thing

We maintain the highest levels of integrity and objectivity, without compromise.

Innovation is rewarded, execution is key

A good idea is just the first step. True success is only achieved once this idea takes shape and we execute on it.

We're our company's biggest fans

We invest in our employees to maintain their enthusiasm and passion for TALSOM. By doing so, we’re able to attract and keep the best and brightest talent.

Yes before no

For us, a positive answer takes precedence over a negative one. This doesn’t necessarily mean that each answer, question, suggestion or recommendation will be accepted, but that it will be considered with an open mind and that we approach challenges and opportunities by seeing the glass as half full, and believing that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Efficiency inhabits us, it's our way of being

It’s important for us to push our limits, commit ourselves to go further and stand out. In other words, to develop a sense of urgency. Our team makes the effort to return calls and emails the same day. Not only for our clients and partners, but also among ourselves, internally. This sense of urgency motivates us to ensure rapid communication.

An obsession with finding the best solution

We constantly strive to find the best way to do things. Once we’ve found the right answer, we take the next step and apply it. And we don’t hesitate to continually question ourselves in order to attain ever-higher results. Indeed, the status quo is simply not an option for us. Finding a better way of doing things isn’t just something we do in our spare time, but rather a responsibility built-in to each member of our team. It’s our passion, our focus… our obsession!

The "we" always prevails

We team up with our clients. There is no “them” or “they”. The “we” always prevails. An inclusive “we” that refers to our team, our clients, our suppliers, our partners.

Meet the team

Michèle Abou Hable

Frohar Agier

Amandine Armita

Pascale Attendu

Charlotte Bennier

Clotilde Bérubé

Martin Bourassa

Ilias Bouznari

Charlotte Cagnet

Luciana Calisto

Ysa Cao

Étienne Caya

Marie-Pier Chicoine

Pierre Corbeil

Bryan Corbion

Abel Corona

Josiane Côté-Paquet

Maude Couture

Youri Dominique

Valérie Dorval

Éric Dupont

Audrey Duval

Emmanuelle Fortier

Raphaël Fortier Métivier

Cloé Furlan

Arthus Guyard

Audrey Hamel

Anita Hoakin Montassier

Maude-Hélène Joyal

Dany Jutras

David Laborieux

Julie Lachaine

Camille Lajeunesse-Tougas

Bruno Lambert

Pierre-Claude Laplante

Chantal Lapointe

Olivier Laquinte

Philippe Lépine-Thériault

Frédérique Marcouiller Doucet

Victor Marsaux

Laurence Massé-Croteau

Cyrille Ménard

David Moore

Maxine Nadeau

Stephanie Nicholls-Dempsey

Claude Noiseux

Jean-Paul Nyilinkwaya

Tristan Oertli

Franck Paulet

Éric Paulin

Stéphane Ricoul

Philippe Romano

Isabelle Tremblay

Jonathan Tremblay

Anthi Tsonis

Patrick Vigneault

Marianne Létourneau

Adil Mansouri

Marie-Eve Chartrand

Bar Rubinstein

Isabelle Wanani

Alexandre Dugal

Solene Yzabel

Mathieu Langelier

Marc Boivin

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