As strategic architects, project leaders and change catalysts, we play a leading role in business diagnostics and solution development. Over the years, we have developed a unique, integrated range of services that help companies identify their latent potential, develop and optimize their business processes and implement effective technologies. So our clients can excel and go even further.


Optimization and Transformation of Business Processes

Working upstream, strategic architects analyze your company's business structures and processes to diagnose and design solutions that generate measurable financial benefits and support the company's strategic planning.


Thought Leadership

Do you need to know your market, stay on top of the new technologies that affect your business sector, anticipate new regulations that will affect your company and keep up with what your competitors and partners are doing? Our team can support you in these areas. We can help you:
  • Anticipate major changes in your industry
  • Guide your company's strategic plan based on market trends
  • Anticipate environmental changes
  • Identify the best business practices in your industry

Business Process and Technology Architecture

We help our clients develop strategic planning that connects and aligns IT with the business functions it supports. We start business needs,that stem from the strategic objectives and vision of the company, not with technology.

Alignment of Business Strategies and Technology Strategies

We help our clients identify initiatives and establish development plans (roadmaps), which will help improve the profitability of their organization.

Analysis of the Technological Infrastructure and Business Processes

Our methodology is based on an analysis of organizations in 19 sectors that we've used to establish a 7-point development plan. Our recommendations are made based on interviews, benchmarking and business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Needs Assessment

We can help you establish a strategic development plan, put together a business intelligence program, or assess the maturity of your current business intelligence environment.

Depending on your needs, we offer technological tools and we conduct an evaluation of your performance in terms of the quality, governance and management of your data.