Change Management

September 28, 2016

Change Management

Am I Thinking What You’re Thinking?

Ah…that struggle I face on a daily basis.  Just when I think that I have it figured it out, I end up back at the drawing board.  I just cannot seem to put my finger on it….what is this person thinking and how come I cannot read this person’s mind? In my personal life, this […]
December 16, 2014

Change Management

Communicating During a Difficult Launch: Introduction to Crisis Communication

Are you in charge of organizing communication about a particularly critical project launch for your organization? Do you have to urgently communicate about a launch that is going badly or is being delayed at the last minute? Don’t panic: a few simple principles inspired by crisis communication can help you, depending on the case, to […]
November 18, 2014

Change Management, Change Management

How do you promote the commitment of your employees for your project?

The commitment of employees is an essential condition in any project. This non-exhaustive list presents a few good practices for each type of employee: Commitment of the promoter (“sponsor”): In any project, it is essential to identify a promoter. No promoter, no project. This person will be a key figure in the “selling” of the […]
September 24, 2014

Change Management, marketing

Change Management: Think “marketing”

You want to organize a meeting to present the major changes that will affect any group. This meeting will take about half a day. You’ve begun preparing your PowerPoint presentation. You have 95 slides to show. You think you’re ready, but you get the feeling that something is missing. You’re missing a “punch”, a “wow” […]
January 16, 2012

Change Management

DexterIT will attend the 2012 ACMP conference. And you?

The Association of Professional Change Management (ACMP) prepare for the second consecutive year a series of conferences under the theme of “Your passport to change”. These conferences will be held April 1-4, 2012 in Las Vegas at the ARIA Resort & Casino complex. You will discover new change management trends and tools. You will also […]
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