December 21, 2017

Communication, Creativity, work environment

You’ve got mail!

The time when Kathleen Kelly anxiously waited for an email from Joe Fox are long gone. Studies show that we spend anything from 70 to 80 percent of our waking time in communication, and a good part of it is emails. Has it ever happened to you to come back from vacation and find your […]
Talsom-Design Thinking-Workshop-Creativity
December 19, 2017

Creativity, Design Thinking, Innovation

Design Thinking: how to understand your clients’ needs?

Design Thinking is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and intellectuals, and while the process and concepts are relatively straightforward, it’s not an easy practice to master. We tried to demystify the approach and see all the innovation opportunities that it can create by talking to an expert, Niels Billou. Niels recently joined Talsom’s team as […]
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