Change Management

May 1, 2017

Change Management, Life at Talsom

Our TALSOM team is now 100% PROSCI certified

Setting the bar in change management MONTREAL, May 1, 2017 – A consulting firm specialized in technology management, TALSOM has set the standard in change management with its team achieving PROSCI certification. Known for being bold and innovative, TALSOM has been experiencing phenomenal growth in the last few years, most notably in change management.  To […]
December 7, 2016

Change Management, ecosystems

Time to rethink change management

Our change catalyst Catalina Barbarosie challenges you to rethink our approach to change management. As the complexity and unpredictability of human systems is becoming more evident, we need to integrate these in our approach of managing change. Click here to watch! Enjoy!                
March 10, 2016

Change Management

Is it a Change or a Transformation?

Terminology goes a long way in identifying and characterizing an action.  Take for example any sport – let’s say ice hockey for instance.  A hockey player can take a shot on the opposition’s net in the attempt to score a goal.  The term ‘shot’ is quite a general term.  If you go one step further […]
March 10, 2015

Change Management

Supporting a Change Sponsor in the Ownership of his Role

A key element in the implementation of change in an organization is to have a change sponsor. This role has the responsibilities of legitimizing the change across the organization and of promoting its acceptance, by being himself an example for others. The role of the sponsor is crucial in the success of the implementation of […]
February 16, 2015

Change Management, Processes optimization

Changing organization culture: a long-term endeavor

Is your company facing new challenges that require a change in culture? Out of all changes, modifying corporate culture is undoubtedly the longest and the most complex kind. This post will give you 5 ways to start off right. Among others, it is inspired by the conference “How to transition from a silo model to […]
January 20, 2015

Change Management

How to manage change when your company has to move locations

Has your company experienced rapid growth? Has your number of employees increased? Do you feel stifled in your current premises? You’ve got to move! Although moving might seem like just a series of “logistical” formalities, don’t forget that it also has quite an impact on your employees. In order to maintain a good working environment, […]
November 18, 2014

Change Management, Change Management

How do you promote the commitment of your employees for your project?

The commitment of employees is an essential condition in any project. This non-exhaustive list presents a few good practices for each type of employee: Commitment of the promoter (“sponsor”): In any project, it is essential to identify a promoter. No promoter, no project. This person will be a key figure in the “selling” of the […]
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